Top five summer spots in Ogden

5. Flowrider

For those who want to try something new or those more advanced surfers, Flowrider is a must during the summer. Even though it is inside, Flowrider is a nice way to get out of the heat and enjoy some time with family and friends.

Some people make it look easy, while others like myself are just competing for best wipe out. With practice you may be able to not only ride the wave but also impress others as they walk by on their way to a movie or iFly.

4. Pine View

A short drive up Ogden Canyon gets you to a place where families and youngsters can both find things to enjoy. Whether you have the desire to fish, paddleboard, kayak or go boating, Pine View gives the average person a chance to fulfill their wildest summer desires.

Of course you can enjoy the lake a little better if you have access to a boat, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding something. Also, there are trails around the lake if you are looking for a little activity while you take a break from the water.

3. Bonneville Shoreline Trail

What more could you ask for during the summer than some good hiking? Just like Pine View, the trails above Weber State University offer a chance for everyone to enjoy, from the average hiker to the avid mountain biker who prides himself on dominating the rocky path.

The trails can lead you up to Mount Ogden and Malan’s Peak if you enjoy beautiful views. I haven’t done much rock climbing but I have heard that is another great part of the trail system.

2. Waterfall Canyon

After a long uphill hike, the sound is welcome to all visitors. One of the many benefits from the hike up to the waterfall is that it is mostly shady once you get closer to the stream that runs down the mountain. In the summer, shade is something to be cherished especially on a hike that will test your footing and stamina.

The benefits definitely outweigh any time that you might have spent sitting on the couch. The view alone is worth the hike, but add to it the majestic waterfall drenching visitors with its mist. If you don’t do it at least once, you are missing out.

1. Mount Ogden Park

Not only does this park have enough space for you to play any sport that your heart desires, it is an ideal location just below the mountains and close to one of the best golf courses in Northern Utah. If you ever get enough of playing Frisbee or soccer, Mount Ogden golf course is going to test your drive, as the course is covered in trees in almost every direction.

Back to the park, you can play tennis and some pickle ball if that is something that interests you. Even though Ogden offers a lot of different parks, I can’t see anywhere better to spend your summer.