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The Signpost

2022-2023 Staff

Staff member Breanna Hart

Breanna Hart

Staff member Alexandrea Bonilla
Managing Editor

Alexandrea Bonilla

Staff member Lucas Moore
News Editor

Lucas Moore

Staff member Tim Costello
News Editor

Tim Costello

Staff member Brisa Odenthal
News reporter

Brisa Odenthal

News reporter

Hunter Lindsey

Staff member Sky Mundell
News reporter

Sky Mundell

Staff member Adam Montgomery
Culture Editor

Adam Montgomery

Staff member Lexie Andrew
Asst. Culture Editor

Lexie Andrew

Staff member Aaron Lowe
Culture reporter

Aaron Lowe

Staff member Alma Bell
Culture reporter

Alma Bell

Staff member Coby Crisler
Culture reporter

Coby Crisler

Staff member Emily Miller
Sports Editor

Emily Miller

Staff member Simon Mortensen
Asst. Sports Editor

Simon Mortensen

Staff member Angelina Monet
Sports reporter

Angelina Monet

Staff member Collyn Cowles
Sports reporter

Collyn Cowles

Staff member Rayshaun Baker-Lynch
Sports reporter

Rayshaun Baker-Lynch

Staff member Justin Steed
Chief Copy Editor

Justin Steed

Staff member Aspyn Jones
Copy editor

Aspyn Jones

Copy editor

Molly (Mo) Day

Staff member Kennedy Camarena
Photography Editor

Kennedy Camarena

Staff member Anna Kuglar
Asst. Photography Editor

Anna Kuglar

Staff member Karli Aki

Karli Aki

Staff member Kris Beck

Kris Beck

Staff member Sara Staker

Sara Staker

Staff member Star Neil
Graphics Editor

Star Neil

Staff member Emilie Hart
Asst. Graphics Editor

Emilie Hart

Graphic Artist

Grace Haglund

Business manager Rob Steedley
Business Manager

Rob Steedley

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