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The Weekly Reader's Contest

The Signpost is launching a new initiative, called "The Reader's Contest," to encourage Weber State students to become more engaged and informed about the latest news on campus, while having a fair and fun competition among their friends. Each week a new quiz will be released with questions related to the Tuesday edition of The Signpost.

Every week, the Reader's Contest will award $75 worth of dining dollars and/or gift cards to winners. The quizzes will only have 3 questions and will be available from Tuesday to the following Monday each week.

Do not wait to participate and tell your friends about this amazing opportunity!

Obs: The Signpost staff, employees and their relatives cannot participate.

34th Reader's Contest

The following contest has 3 questions based on The Signpost magazine above. You will find all answers there. Try to get as many correct answers as you can. You have only one attempt to submit it!

Winners evaluation:

  • Highest score wins;
  • If there are more than one high score, we will randomly select winners from the pool of highest scores.




Winner:  $50 Dining dollars or gift card

Runner-up:  $25 Dining dollars or gift card



Good luck!!!


Hint: Before taking the quiz, make sure you have the magazine in hands, or you can see the online version the magazine below:

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