Playin' on Purple- Dancing is a great workout

I lead a very busy life. I leave my house in the morning, tackle the 20-30 minute drive to Weber State University, go to class, go to work and go home about 12-15 hours later. That is a typical, not detailed run down of my day.

Because I lead such a busy life, I don’t often have time to sit and breathe, let alone watch television, read books for fun (which I miss dearly) and play Xbox (I miss slaying zombies) or Wii. Most days, I barely have time to eat.

So Monday night, my family got together with my aunt and uncle and my cousins to have a pre-Thanksgiving dinner (we like the holiday so much, we have the feast more than once in the month).  After we ate and the food had settled, my cousins said, “Hey, let’s have an epic Just Dance party!” Not even thinking, I said “OK!”

Now, I have never played Just Dance before. As I just pointed out, I do not have time to waste on games like that. My free time is generally spent doing homework or catching up on much needed sleep. I readily agreed to play that game after having no experience with it beforehand.

My cousin, Bubba, picks a song, and we started to dance. I knew I was not going to get high scores or anything like that; I was a newbie to the game, after all. I love to dance, but I dance poorly most of the time. Because I was with my family and they know how crazy I can be, I went all out into the dances. I was shaking my hips, waving my arms, kicking my legs and whipping my hair.

By the third dance, I was sweating like a greased monkey (as Ben Stiller in Dodgeball would say). I was also gasping for air. By the eighth dance, my arms were getting sore. Each part of my body got steadily sore. In my head, I was thinking, Am I really this out of shape? This is a great workout! Why do I not dance more often like this?

The next morning, I woke up, and my body was screaming at me to stay in bed. I couldn’t lift my arms above my head, and my legs were not stretching and moving dramatically slow ( I felt like I was going in slow-motion slow).

As an athlete or a jock, I always poked fun at the cheerleaders and dancers. After two long and grueling hours of playing Just Dance with my family, I can admire what the cheerleaders and dancers do. I don’t think I can call it a sport. I will, however, give credit where credit is due. Those girls who dance for a living are in shape and super fit.

I couldn’t handle a stinking video game with simple choreography. The dancers dance more complex moves and do it for four to five hours a day, with few breaks. Rarely does it even look like they are out of breath.

I could never be a dancer. They are incredible when it comes to the things they do. I still refuse to say that it’s a sport just because I have to keep up the tough athlete facade, but I will say that dancing is a really good work out.

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