PE classes: Fun and easy ways to get in exercise

Natalie Martin

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WSU student Alissa Day runs on the Swenson Gym track for a cross training class. (Photo: The Signpost)

Each semester rolls around with as many classes packed into it as I can fit. The one thing I can always count on is that between work and school I won’t always find time to get in the exercise my body craves. I came up with a plan early on in my college career to fix this problem—I enrolled in one-credit PE classes each semester.

The idea behind this plan was to fit physical exercise into my life in a way that ensured that I would follow through. PE classes offer a wide variety of activities to students on campus. From aerobics and jogging to racquetball, billiards and golf, there are classes for every taste and activity level.

The main benefit to taking a PE class is that your physical participation is required to get a passing grade. If you show up and participate, you will pass the class and most likely get a good grade. Plus, you are getting physical exercise on a weekly basis.

The most common complaint about a lack of physical activity is that there is no time to do it. For myself, if it’s not a class and isn’t already scheduled in my week, I am not likely to do it because other demands come first.

I am not the only student who can’t find the time. But it’s important to me, so I’ve found a way to make time. One-credit PE classes are my solution.

My favorite classes have included aerobics, billiards and jogging. Whether I was dancing along to Garth Brooks in the gymnasium, learning tricks on a pool table or jogging the trails around the campus, I had a blast each and every time.

Not only was it fun, but I also got in shape with almost all of them. I made new friends, learned a new skill and took time at least once a week do something to better myself.

Physical activity is important. College is stressful, and participating in a physical activity will be fun and will help relieve some stress. Get out and relax, have fun and let your brain take a break from all of that exhaustive studying. You deserve it.