Starting a legacy at Weber

Thirty-nine percent of Weber State University students identify as first-generation students. Weber State University has resources for these students to acclimate to university life, such as the First Generation Club.

First-generation students are defined as students who are the first member of their family to either attend a college or university or whose parents have not completed a bachelor’s degree.

The First Generation Club is open to students who identify as first generation students or peers who want to help support these students.

“The Weber State First-Gen Club helps bring students together, providing academic and social support, new friendships and networking opportunities ultimately creating a sense of belonging at Weber,” Ernesto Hernandez Jr., an advisor of the club, said.

The club offers a multitude of resources to these students, including financial help, academic support, networking opportunities and connections, student support services and services that can help these first-generation students transition from high school or the workforce into college.

The club’s mission statement is “The First Generation Club strives to create a community of first generation students, but not limited to, and facilitate opportunities for recreation, community service and networking.”

First-generation students receive a cord at WSU graduation ceremonies to show off their pride in becoming a first-generation degree holder.

“The first gen club holds monthly activities, either social or service related, in order to connect with each other and the campus community. Some activities that we have done are the Horror Movie Festival, Christmas Lights, and an Ice Cream Social,” Hernandez said.

The First Generation Club welcomes all first generation students and allies to their events and hopes to gain new members with each activity. Students are welcome to join the club at any point in the year.

The First Generation Club is currently planning events for the future months. They are planning a Valentine’s Day dance and a first-generation student, staff and faculty mixer on March 3 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. in the Wildcat Lanes in the Shepherd Union.