Marc's Remarks: October the best month in sports

Buckle up, everyone. This month is the month of stories. Old ones end as new ones begin. This is by far the best month of the year, at least in sports.

There are so many storylines merging. There is practically a sport for every fan to watch. Baseball is in its final stages, football is in mid-swing and basketball and hockey are just under way.

Every night is filled with chances for multiple games, and multiple reasons for me not to get my homework done. As I write this, I am watching Monday Night Football.

The World Series, which starts tonight, looks to be a good one. Both teams have two World Series wins in the last 10 years. The Boston Red Sox last won the Series in 2007. St. Louis last won in 2011. These are the games that are especially exciting to watch, even for non-baseball fans.

The NFL season is just getting interesting. The only undefeated team is the Kansas City Chiefs, who finished with a league-worst 2-14 last season. Now they are No. 1 in the power rankings this week.

In other stories, the Denver Broncos got their first loss of the season on Peyton Manning’s return to Indy. The Colts look like a legit contender in the AFC. But Manning is ¬†looking to enter the record books, having already thrown 25 touchdowns in just seven games.

Meanwhile, the New York Jets are still above .500 and the New Orleans Saints are once again on top of the NFC South. And injuries seem to be higher than ever, even with all the new safety regulations added every year.

Then, for basketball fans, the NBA regular season officially gets under way on Tuesday. There are already multiple headlines. The biggest one is if former MVP Derrick Rose will return to his pre-injury form. In the preseason, all signs have been positive.

The reigning NBA champion, Miami Heat, will attempt something that hasn’t been done since 2001: win three consecutive NBA championships. The road won’t be easy, even with the best player in the world on your side. Even making it out of the East looks difficult with the new additions to the Brooklyn Nets, the rising stars on the Indiana Pacers and the always-pesky Chicago Bulls with their best player back.

On the other side, the Thunder still has the second-best player in the league in Kevin Durant, but will be without Russell Westbrook for the beginning of the season. The Rockets added Dwight Howard to the mix, and the Clippers and Warriors teams have improved. That is without mentioning the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs, the reigning Western Conference champions.

In the NHL, this is the first full regular season in two years. I can’t say I know much about hockey, but I am getting more into it now that I cover our own team. And it is always exciting to watch guys with sticks skating around and sometimes dropping the gloves and slugging it out.

With all of these choices, one need only sit back and enjoy a good matchup. Whether you like home-run balls, a slam dunk, a one-handed touchdown or a big sack, or a good old-fashioned slam into the boards, this is your time of year. Enjoy it while it lasts, because it is fleeting.