Wasatch Savage: OMG, pumpkin spice!

Fall is here. If you listen carefully, you can actually hear the stampede of teenage girls in Ugg boots and yoga pants migrating to the nearest reservoir of pumpkin spice latte chanting, “Wow, I just love fall fashion.”

We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief; the dog days of summer are over. Let’s embrace this impending chill with as many cliches as we can. Some people know fall as the cool, pleasant season when the leaves change and little romances start just in time for quirky Halloween dates. Utah residents know that’s not fall. Fall in Utah is the brief moment of ecstasy that separates Utahns from a few months of summer and a lifetime of winter. Thankfully, accompanying the chill, we have a few things that keep us sane.

October generally marks the appearance of fall fashion. Remember, layers are good. We live in an area where you will scrape frost off your car in the morning and break a sweat walking back to your car after class. Combat the sudden change of temperature with layers. Add as many layers as you need to feel warm in the morning, and remove them as the deceptive day warms up. Remember, folks, with fall fashion comes great responsibility. Dress wisely.

As we welcome October to our calendars, we are met with inflatable yard decorations and the excitement of Halloween. I myself think there is no better holiday. The concept of free candy, horror movies and costume parties being included in one celebration is something I can absolutely support. Being an adult during Halloween is kind of a funny thing. As a kid, you might worry about how you’ll stay warm as you go from door to door collecting candy or who in your class at school had the nerve to unknowingly copy your costume. As an adult, Halloween parties have become an excuse for many adults to drink absurd amounts of alcohol while dressed as their favorite characters. There’s usually a couple slight differences in the costumes we rocked on the streets as kids and the costumes we wear now. It seems that costumes are reducing in size by the year. There’s less emphasis on the accuracy of the costume and more emphasis on the sex appeal.

Campuscompanion.com referred to the six big costume concepts we can expect to see on campus. We have the sexy costume, which is fairly self-explanatory. The non-costume is for people who just don’t understand the sanctity of Halloween. These are the guys who wear lenseless 3-D glasses they acquired from the movie theaters, suspenders and a bow tie. We have the inside-joke costume, which tends to be a staple among college campuses due to shared community experiences. There’s the funny costume always be friends with the person wearing the funny costume. Side by side with the funny costume, we have the ironic costume. This type of costume takes some thought, and always calls for extra praise when they can be related to current events. Lastly, we have the classic costume. This is your head-to-toe, die-hard Halloween costume that strives for perfect replication. If you see this costume, you will know.

So go forth, fellow Wildcats: Eat a surplus of candy corn and let “Hocus Pocus” play on a loop for the next 30 days, I’m not judging.