Love notes


To: Sara

These things now for my companions I shall sing beautifully
my darling one
what country girl seduces your wits wearing a country dress not knowing how to pull the cloth to her ankles
o beautiful o graceful one
may you sleep on the breast of your delicate friend
You came and I was crazy for you and you cooled my mind that burned with longing
I am broken with longing for a boy by slender aphrodite
I love everyone because I love you

From: Your acolyte



To: FRCH 3650 Students

Je vous adore! Merci pour êtres des supers étudiants!

From: Prof Jones-Rousseau



To: FRCH 2020 Students

Vous rendez ma journée brillante! Merci!

From: Prof Jones-Rousseau



To: FRCH 1020 Students

Je vous adore! Y’all are the best!

From: Prof Jones-Rousseau



To: Brisa

Happy Valentine’s day. I love you so much.

From: Eddie



To: Brisa

I love you more.

From: Eddie



To: Ella

Why are artichokes so beloved? They’re known for their hearts. Thank you for always having the biggest heart! So very glad I get to work with you!

From: Jessica



To: Guitar Boy

Your songs are still stuck in my head. I wish you would play them again for me.

From: Anonymous



To: Jessica Oyler

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
As you take EMSS out of sight!
For the ends of being and ideal grace,
And WSU to all, be the favored place!

From: Oh, you know. 😉



To: Jessica

With the passing grace of one more year,
your closeness draws me far from here.
So give me this, just one more year,
I’ll draw you close, you’ll draw me near.

From: Benjamin



To: Jaxon Winder

Jaxon, you’re the most caring, amazing person. Your ambitious attitude toward everything makes you who you are, which is breathtaking. We love you, Jaxon!!! Keep shining as you always are!

From: Anonymous



To: G.F

Every day I am reminded of how I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you in my life. Thank you for your love and affection, honey!

From: M.A



To: Grant Day

I love you.
Such a scary and compelling word
Something we gave meaning to
Yet it’s so hard to understand what that is
Sometimes it’s known as absolute adoration
Sometimes its known as sacrifice
Othertimes it’s known as lust
But for you
Goddamn I just couldn’t find a better word then
I love you.

From: Jocelyn French



To: Lois Lane

​​To say “I love you” seems too small of words to express my undying devotion to you. You have given me wings to fly when life had crumpled those wings with sheared swords and terrible tar.
You give me eyes to see when those eyes are weighed with the weight of the world and fogged with feared fog.
You give me hope. You dare me to do better and inspire every hour. You’re a heavensent help. I cherish every day we spend together, even those those days get blocked with business.
We take the time for each other. Find time for family.
This is my world. YOU are my world. A world in an endlessly careening cosmos.
Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you until the end of time.

From: Clark Kent



To: Boy with green shoes

Boy with the green shoes, I haven’t seen you since we met on the bus, but every day I wait hoping you’ll be there. I want to talk to you again.

From: Ella Kelly



To: Raegan

Raegan, you are my everything! Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness. I don’t know what I would do without you and the endless hours laughing until our stomach hurts. These last three years at Weber have been so fun with you, and I’m grateful to have known you my entire life! I’m grateful for our friendship, and all the wonderful advice you’ve given me. Truly my sister in every way. I love you, have the happiest Valentines Day! Filled with love and wonderful thoughts about YOU!♥️??. Here’s to many more years of adventures together!:)

From: Miranda?



To: The Signpost Street Team

Thank you for all of your hard work! You are incredible! I am so proud of you all!

From: Rob Steedley



To: The Signpost staff

I am so grateful for everything you all do for our wonderful newspaper. You all work so hard to make this paper as amazing as it is and I have so much love for every single one of you.

From: Your wonderful editor-in-chief



To: Past, present and future editors,

You were always my favorite.

From: Jean



To: All my graduating seniors

You are dead to me.

From: Love forever, Jean



To: Rob

We love you. Get back to work

From: The Signpost



To: Brisa

V= 5 W = 4 U =6 A =16 I =23 H = 24 G = 25 B=15 F =26 T = 7 S = 8 O=17
N=18 M = 19 Z =1 Y = 2 X = 3 L = 20 K= 21 J = 22
R =9 Q = 10 P=11 E =12
D=13 C=14 Space =00


From: Eddie



To: Brisa

Honestly, I can’t believe I got so lucky. Never in a million years would I have expected to meet you. Someone so thoughtful, caring, understanding, over achieving, planful, and beautiful. I’m so glad we went to prom together. Though you brag about making the first moves, when I saw your smile that night, I knew. I just knew, that you’re the person that I never want to lose in my life. I can’t imagine the future without you.

From: Eddie



To: Lupita

Your eyes glow warmly like sunshine,
And I think that the way you make me smile when we’re together is a sign,
So I wonder, will you be my valentine?

From: Sky


To:  My Little Love

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I want to fight capitalism

and save our planet with you!

P.S. Thank you for the past three years – for being my best friend, partner and comrade.

From: Luna



To: Department of Communication

Thank you and sending love to:
Aaron Atkins, Michael Ault, Andrea Baltazar, David Berg, Anne Bialowas, Deann Carver, Cesar Castro, Li Chen, Nicola Corbin, Nicole Defenbaugh, Tyler Dingman, Kathy Edwards, Mylynn Felt, Alan Ferrin, Bruce Frandsen, Paul Gadd, Mark Galaviz, Sare Gardner, Hailey Gillen Hoke, Jennifer Greenlee, Jeff Haney, Robin Haislett, Natalie Hales, Ashley Hilton, Leslie Howerton, Rebecca Johns, Lauren Johnson, Sheree Josephson, Jenna Kane, Alex Lancaster, Greg Larson, Yolanda Lewis, James McAllister, Stephanie Mouritsen, Debbi Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Jean Norman, Colleen Packer, Bethany Rasmussen, Nathan Rodriguez, Cami Sabin, Stephen Salmon, Oliver Snow, Sarah Steimel, Brooks Stevenson, Niki Tonks, Sarah Tooker, Brent Warnock, and Irma Zavala.

From: anonymous