Big Al's Bites: Moochie's Meatballs

(Source: Moochies's Meatballs and More) Moochies Meatballs and More, localted in Salt Lake City, is fameous for its Philly cheesesteak sandwich and meatball sub.
(Source: Moochies’s Meatballs and More)
Moochies Meatballs and More, localted in Salt Lake City, is fameous for its Philly cheesesteak sandwich and meatball sub.

I have to start with a confession. You see, I love my wife very much. She’s the world to me. But inching in at a close second may be my love of a good sandwich. I’m sorry you had to find out this way, honey. You’ll always be my favorite. Mostly because I can’t marry a meatball sandwich, at least not in Utah. There’s an incredible bond that you develop with a good sandwich. It’s the great equalizer of food, because whether you’re a Wall Street executive or a broke college student, usually people can find some common ground about what goes in between two slices of bread.

All banter aside, I do love sandwiches, and I found a hole in the wall downtown in Salt Lake. Moochie’s was recently featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” a show that borders on religious devotion for my family. While I don’t have blind faith in Guy Fieri’s picks, I usually find that they’re worth a try. Much to my delight, Moochie’s may have been the best “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” suggestion ever.

Moochie’s is famous for two things — their authentic Philly cheesesteaks, and their meatball subs. Naturally, I tried both. The cheesesteak was everything that a cheesesteak should be: thinly sliced beef, minced onions and grilled peppers, all held together by a tasty blanket of cheese and put on a freshly made bun. I said they’re famous for two things, but they should be famous for another thing as well, namely their jalapeno fry sauce. I think you could dip anything in it, and it would become instantly addicting.

I must say that while the Philly was good, it didn’t give me the justification for Guy’s rave reviews. Don’t get me wrong, it was monstrously delicious, but when something makes national television, I’m expecting a near-spiritual experience. I’ve had cheesesteaks that were nearly as good, some as good (not from Utah, mind you), and I was ready to chalk up yet another “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” restaurant built up by hype. I was content to leave, having found a good place to eat, but nothing more.

Then I tried my wife’s meatball sub.

To say that this was the best meatball sub I’ve ever had wouldn’t do it justice. The giant meatballs were laced with garlic and basil, making them so flavorful that they could have made my Italian ancestry rise from the grave just to get a taste. The sauce washed over the meat with an incredible taste, marrying the basil, garlic and tomato in a sandwich union unlike anything I’ve had before. The provolone melted over the top, the fresh-baked bun — all of it was incredible. I left Moochie’s vowing I would return for both sandwiches, as they were both fantastic. But the meatball sub will go down as one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

If you have a love affair with sandwiches as I do, you must check this place out. It should be a mecca for all foodies in between Ogden and Provo. It’s well worth your time. Drop this paper, or close the window (however you’re reading this), and drive to Salt Lake now for the best sandwich of your life.

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