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Playin' on Purple: Random musings

Today is a day of random thoughts. I am going to share my random thoughts. They are things on my brain that have no correlation with each other and may or may not relate to sports.

There are several thoughts in my head that are always there and never really leave: the love for the color purple, excitement the Ravens won the Super Bowl, boys, writing, reading and work. But those things are in my head all the time, and they are not exciting, so we won’t talk about those. If you want me to elaborate, tweet at me @CorieSueH, and I will.

First off, I think a lot about softball/baseball these days. Pitchers and catchers have reported for Major League Baseball — that’s the first step to the season. I’m also really antsy to play some slow-pitch. My brother’s friend got me a new bat, and I can’t wait to break it in and start using it.

I wrote a poem for my creative writing class (I am NOT good at writing poetry), and it was all about the summer and softball and sunflower seeds and sun and grass and dirt. That’s what I want, but the 10 feet of snow outside shatters any and all yearnings for spring.

A related thing: I have been having a difficult time picking out what clothes I want to wear each day. I stand in front of my closet for what feels like hours. I am sick of my stupid winter clothes. I am ready to start wearing shorts and tank tops and flip-flops. I need a variety back in my wardrobe.

I don’t know how or when this happened, but I have been obsessed with hockey. Last week, I went to three different hockey games. Two of them were Weber State University’s club team. It was amazing. My family has been going to the Ogden Mustangs’ games a lot. Really, though, hockey is awesome. People get slammed against the glass, fights break out all the time, the crowd cheers and yells vulgarities, and nobody seems to mind. Everything is encouraged. It’s all just so great.

Valentine’s was yesterday, and I’m glad it’s over. No, I didn’t have a valentine. Yes, Valentine’s Day became lame after I left elementary school. Yes, everyone I work with bought little rinky-dink valentines for everyone else. If I did have a valentine, I still don’t think I would enjoy the holiday. My man should do romantic gestures more than just one day a year.

Enough about Valentine’s Day. Let’s talk about how grateful I am for the holiday weekend. I am excited to sleep in Saturday and Sunday and Monday. I rarely sleep in, and three days in a row rocks. I will actually have time to hang out with the friends I’ve been neglecting for weeks. Movie marathons, here I come.

One last thing that’s been floating in my head this week is . . . drum roll . . . the Harlem Shake. Tuesday of this week, the Signpost staffers did a version of the Harlem Shake. Since we did that, I have wasted an excessive amount of time watching Harlem Shake videos. Feel free to go watch ours. I dance with a nutcracker in it. Studio 76 did its own version of it, which I also participated in. It’s pretty fun.

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