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News Quiz 10/26


1. Which Big 10 University faced backlash after posting a Hitler quiz question on their big screens before a football game this weekend?
A. Rutgers University
B. University of Wisconsin
C. Michigan State University
D. Purdue University

2. An off-duty pilot attempted to disable the engines of a passenger plane mid-flight on which airline?
A. Alaska Airlines
B. American Airlines
C. Air France
D. Delta Airlines

3. Salt Lake City’s Hogle Zoo is shipping which animals to Kansas City?
A. Tigers
B. Flamingos
C. Penguins
D. Elephants

4. Who did the U.S. House of Representatives elect as House Speaker on Oct. 25?
A. Hakeem Jeffries
B. Mike Johnson
C. Kevin McCarthy
D. Paul Ryan

1.The answer is C, Michigan State. According to NPR, while doing pre-game before their Oct. 21 football game, one of the questions about Hitler’s birthplace was broadcasted to their big screens along with a photo of the infamous dictator. The questions for this trivia were taken from The Quiz Channel, a trivia Youtube channel and was not created by the university, though multiple Michigan State University officials apologized for the question.

2. The answer is A, Alaska Airlines. According to The Wall Street Journal, an off-duty pilot who was sitting in the cockpit during an Alaska Airlines flight from Everett, Washington, to San Francisco attempted to disable the engines during the flight. The flight was diverted to Portland for an emergency landing.

3. The answer is D, Elephants. According to Deseret News, the Hogle Zoo will be sending its two elephants, mother and daughter Christie and Zuri, to Kansas City in order to find Zuri a “boyfriend” during her prime reproductive years.

4. The answer is B, Mike Johnson. According to AP News, the House of Representative elected Louisiana republican Mike Johnson on Oct. 25. The election was a result of former speaker Kevin McCarthy being ousted from his position.

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