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News Quiz 9/21

1. After nearly eight years of planning and construction, Utah’s amusement park, Lagoon, held the grand opening for which ride on Sept. 15?
A. Catapult
B. Primordial
C. Samurai
D. Rockin’ Rollercoaster

2. The acting president of which East Coast university died suddenly this week?
A. Temple University
B. Brown University
C. Penn State
D. Duke University

3. A detained Wall Street Journal reporter’s appeal was denied to be considered this week in which country?
A. Syria
B. Libya
C. Mexico
D. Russia

4. Parts of Walt Disney World were temporarily shut down after sightings of what animal?
A. Black bear
B. Alligator
C. Bobcat
D. Panther

1. The answer is B, Primordial. According to the Standard Examiner, the ride, which has been in the making for eight years, was opened to the public on Sept. 15 and will continue to stay open to guests of the park until late October at the end of the season.

2. The answer is A, Temple University. According to The New York Times, JoAnne A. Epps, the acting president of Temple University, died in a hospital on Sept. 19. She was 72 years old and fell ill while onstage at a memorial service. She was announced as acting president of the university in April after the previous president stepped down over controversy regarding enrollment rates. Epps’ cause of death has not been announced.

3. The answer is D, Russia. According to The Wall Street Journal, Evan Gerschkovich, a WSJ reporter who has been detained in Russia for almost six months, tried to file an appeal with the Russian government. The Russian government declined to consider the appeal and Gerschkovich will remain in detention.

4. The answer is A, Black bear. According to NPR, on Sept. 18, parts of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, were temporarily shut down after park guests made reports of spotting a black bear in the park.

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