Guest Column: BCS — Bowl Championship Series or Broken Crappy System?

When a Broadway show ends, you experience a curtain call. It’s at this point an audience will clap, hoot and holler because the actors have put on a great show. The villain has been vanquished, and the hero is rising to a standing ovation. The characters are introduced and show their gratitude by bowing.

The BCS system is six weeks from taking its bow, but the audience will not be giving a standing ovation. If you were to turn up the lights, you would find that the theater is half empty. The audience that is left is not cheering, but is holding a theater hook ready to pull the really bad actors off the stage.

The NCAA theater that once stood proud is now dirty, and, after 15 years of untidiness, the stench of something rotten fills the arena and makes you sick to your stomach. Rather than keeping up with the arena, the owners have let it go to waste and will now have to rebuild the system.

A new building owner would tear down a condemned building and start anew, but the BCS is simply putting a new building over the shell of the old one.

The Bowl Championship Series was instituted in 1998. This system relies heavily on computers and other numbers to choose who will fight for the coveted NCAA trophy. Effective for the 2014-15 seasons, there will be a four-playoff team to be called the college football playoff.

A large majority of college football fans hated the system and are looking forward to the playoff system. The problem, though, is that the group running the playoffs is the same lazy organization that allowed the once-beautiful theater to become something straight out of the ghetto of Compton.

The playoff system only allows for the top four teams in college football. What is the issue with this? They will rely on voters to choose those top four teams. No computers here, just complete biased voters to choose the team that they like. The discussion about BCS is a horse that has been beaten to dust. The discussion deserves one more go-around to bid farewell to the most hated and distorted playoff system in sports history.

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, even if you try to put it into a bunny costume, it is still a duck. Meanwhile, back at the theater, the nasty orange seats and carpets littered with teams getting the shaft are still intact. The stage door that allows for teams to enter the championship contender is marked “SEC only.”

Why is it that the SEC teams can lose one game and still have a chance, but if any other team loses one game (Clemson, Stanford and Oklahoma), then they are eliminated from championship talk? The stage door will still allow only SEC teams, because they are the only ones that can afford tickets to the show. The funds from other conferences seem to come back with “void” on them. The theater can only say that they had been reserved and sold out since July.

The reservations were given to those whom the BCS had already picked. We know the system is broken when two teams from the same conference end up in the championship game. Remember LSU and Alabama?

At this time next year, we will learn the beautiful new building, aka the playoff system, will have a smelly odor resembling something from a past, and when the stench is recognized, we will raise our hands and say, “Is this really a Bowl Championship Series, or a Big Crappy System?”