Wildcats wearing their Weber-wear on Wednesdays

Makayla Geddes

Wildcat Wednesdays are a new school spirit initiative officially introduced to campus for the first time this year. Started by the Hype Squad to promote Wildcat pride, students are encouraged to wear purple every Wednesday.

When hanging around the Department of Student Involvement, you can find a bright neon purple sign meant to represent the association. (Kennedy Robins/ The Signpost)
Though not completely under WSUSA, many Hype Squad members can be found in the office located on the Shepherd Union's third floor. (Kennedy Robins/ The Signpost)

Members of the Hype Squad can be seen at Waterfall Plaza and in the Shepherd Union building every Wednesday with prizes and treats for those wearing purple.

The new initiative will also include a Hype Fest every month, described as a mini block party with opportunities to learn what’s happening on campus, play games and win prizes and swag.

“We really want to spread more school spirit and more Wildcat pride,” Hype Squad Captain Leslie Davis said. “We know that sometimes, with Weber being a commuter school, you don’t necessarily get that traditional college culture that you might be looking for, so we want to change that and make Wildcat Wednesday a place where you can come hang out, celebrate your Wildcat pride, build that pride and maybe even make friends while you play corn hole.”

Coordinator of Student Programs, Sara Triplett, giving Weber State University student, Megan Ferney, her own Hoco 2021 t-shirt. (Kennedy Robins / The Signpost)
Coordinator of Student Programs Sara Triplett gives Weber State University student Megan Ferney her own homecoming 2021 T-shirt. (Kennedy Robins / The Signpost)

Students can participate in Wildcat Wednesday by showing up and supporting or volunteering at events and by wearing purple.

“The more people we have, the better. We can talk to each other and get people to other events,” Mohammed, a junior on the Hype Squad, said.

Clubs are also encouraged to participate in Wildcat Wednesday by tabling during the monthly Hype Fests.

“Our goal is to eventually have lots of clubs and organizations here tabling,” Davis said. “So right now we have all the different branches of WSUSA tabling so that you can come and find ways to get involved. My hope is that this can be a jumping off point for people to find a club they want to join or find a service opportunity or find out about the events coming up.”

Traditionally, Weber State University has encouraged students to wear purple on Fridays. So why Wednesday?

From left to right, Sara Triplett and Emily Sorencon show off the Hoco 2021 t-shirts. Hoco 2021 t-shirts are available in the Department of Student Involvement and Leadership office, room 326, until supplies last. (Kennedy Robins / The Signpost)
Sara Triplett and Emily Sorencon show off the Hoco 2021 t-shirts. These shirts are available for Weber State students as supplies last and help grow the Wildcat Wednesday movement. (Kennedy Robins / The Signpost)

Davis said she thinks the alliteration of Wildcat and Wednesday sounds nice. “Why not do it on Wednesdays?” she said.

As for the Friday tradition, Hype Squad Representative Samantha Smith said they’re not getting rid of it; they’re just adding more and trying to get more people involved.

“We’re not planning to override it; there are just more people on campus Wednesday,” Smith said. “We are just promoting what the school already provides.”

Davis believes Wildcat Wednesdays will help students realize that school spirit is more than just wearing purple.

“I don’t think school spirit is necessarily just athletics or things like that,” Davis said. “I think it can be about finding your passion and finding what makes you excited about Weber State.”