The brain joneses for glucose like a user

Allen Glines

A bucket filled with candy (Petey21 / Wikicommons)
A bucket filled with candy (Petey21 / Wikicommons)

Overcoming addiction is a challenge many have to endure. Luckily, they’re able to get away from the substance to which they were addicted. The same can’t be said for those with a sweet tooth.

Our brains  can easily be trained. When we form a pattern of behavior, like waking up at a certain time or eating a certain amount of food, our brain expects that we will continue to behave that way forever. In the event that we decide to change our tune, our brains freak out like it’s the end of the world. That freak-out manifests as withdrawals.

Nobody thinks about sugar when they think about addiction, but, in reality, sugar is one of the most addictive substances known to humankind. The difference between sugar and other substances is that it’s in everything and sold everywhere.

Imagine how you felt the last time you ate something sweet. You felt good, right? Your brain likes to feel good and will repeatedly make you do whatever you did to make it feel good. It does this in the form of cravings.

As time goes on, drug users develop a tolerance to their drug of choice. Sugar fiends are no different. One cookie turns in three, and before you know it, you’re polishing off the whole batch.

Getting away from sugar is even more difficult when you consider that carbohydrates turn into sugars once they’re broken down. If you got rid of all foods that have carbohydrates or sugar in them, you might be faced with a mostly empty grocery store. Swearing off sugar is harder than simply saying that you should stop eating or drinking sweet things.

A brain that’s addicted to a certain substance has to learn what it’s like to go without it. You have to train your mind to understand that going without sugar is okay. You will have serious cravings for a while, but those will eventually go away if you stay dedicated.

Being addicted to sugar not only affects your mind but also your waistline. Most sugary foods are loaded with a considerable amount of calories and fat. The more you eat of these foods, the more weight you’re going to put on as a result. Maintaining a diet that’s high in sugar also makes it harder for you to lose the weight you gained.

Eliminating sugar from your life is not as easy as some people might think, especially on Halloween. Not many people are strong enough to withstand being constantly bombarded by their drug of choice.

However, you shouldn’t feel guilty if you decide to eat something sweet—they’re called treats for a reason. A little sugar now and again is fine, healthy even. So rather than denying the potential spoils that the holiday season has to offer, you should enjoy yourself—just keep it within reason.