KWCR Album of the Week: Now, Now, 'Threads'

I’ve found myself an album that I can play on repeat without any regrets. This is Now, Now’s second work, titled “Threads.” I like this album for more reasons than just Cacie Dalager’s reverberating vocals or the tightly knit sounds of simple synth drums and guitar, although those are both completely valid reasons.

The real reason I love “Threads” so much is because listening takes me to a time and a place that is better than the now. Angst to the core, Now, Now’s lyrics describe fleeting moments and emotions associated with growing up and growing apart from everyone who was once close.

Track 10, “School Friends,” is my absolute favorite. Dalager’s quiet, even and vulnerable voice accompanied by her two bandmates, Jess Abbot (guitar vocals) and Brad Hale (drums, synth), tells a story of a girlfriend who “won’t go to class, but she’ll sleep in your bed.” It’s like poetry.

Another favorite is “Dead Oaks” due to the chorus. “Oh, I know we don’t talk so much, but I can hear you still . . .” Although this track is a bit poppy and begs me to draw upon references such as Paramore or The Morning Of, I won’t. I hate The Morning Of.

The darkest song on “Threads” has to be No. 6, “Oh. Hi.” It is once again the chorus, and what follows singles out this track and makes it unlike the others on the album. The outro is like sweet redemption, though, and ends the song on a cute note — if “cute” is the right word.

Although not new by any means, “Threads” seems like it is set back much further than 2012. What I mean is not that this album seems mature. On the contrary, this is a work of teenagers, but instead I feel like I should have been listening to Now, Now back in 2009.

Haunting and electric, I can only look forward to what Now, Now will release in the future. I heard they are working on a new album, and I hope nothing changes. I don’t mind taking a trip back to 2009 every once in a while.