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Viewpoint: Grammys' gay marriages are not hurting anyone

If there’s one thing that’s sure to set a room of people into a heated conversation, it’s gay marriage. Yeah, we’ve talked about it before already this month, but it’s a hot topic, and it got even hotter during the 2014 Grammys awards show.

For those who don’t keep track of entertainment news, part of the show featured a performance by top celebrities singing “Same Love,” a song which pretty much bashes the overall conservative negative views against gay marriage. During the song, 33 couples were married by Queen Latifah. The big deal that has everyone up in arms? Many of those couples were gay.

Of course, as you would expect, the Internet exploded. Or, at least, Twitter did (and we’re pretty sure there are some interesting, angered posts making rounds on every social media site out there).

If you look through those posts, a lot of them are . . . well, they’re interesting. And often don’t really make sense. One poster in particular was angered that CBS had turned the Grammys into a not-so-family-friendly show because of the gay marriages.

For one thing, we’re not too sure that many of the popular songs sung and honored at the show are exactly family-friendly. For another, nice, simple, harmless marriages aren’t exactly harmful. Harmful means they’re causing hurt to someone. Yet we see marriages on the TV and in movies in practically every comedy love story. Two people getting a piece of paper and some health care and tax benefits isn’t really hurting anyone. At the most, parents will bring it upon themselves to teach their kids whatever their beliefs are.

Another poster described the incident as being intolerant. We assume from his “#antichristian” tag that he meant being intolerant toward Christians. Again, another word that maybe isn’t being used the way it should be. Intolerance implies that the event was actively going out and targeting Christians. Well, this might surprise some people, but not all Christians are vehemently opposed to gay marriage. The weddings didn’t specifically target Christians. And hey, if someone didn’t like it, we aren’t forced to watch it.

Then there’s that lovely tweet about how the poster didn’t care if the couples were gay or straight, he just didn’t want that leftist agenda forced into his life. With that sort of wording, it sounds like he believes marriage in general to be a leftist agenda. Sorry, right-wingers, guess that means you don’t believe in marriages and can leave it to the leftists and everyone else.

Throughout many of the tweets, though, there were a lot of inappropriate name-drops. As if people could stop gay marriages from happening by insulting gays and gay allies enough on a social platforming stage. However, most of these posters are only hurting themselves. Just like A&E was quick to drop their “Duck Dynasty” star initially after his anti-gay comments, many employers will be quick to do the same.

The Grammys’ weddings didn’t hurt anyone. If anyone, it helped other people hurt themselves through their posts. Whether you support a cause or not, keep it to your living room, where it makes more sense.

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