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Entrance of the LGBT/Womens Center.

OPINION: Utah against diversity

Brisa Odenthal, Editor-in-Chief July 9, 2024

As of July 8, it has officially been one week since Weber State University was forced to close its doors on its cultural centers. This comes after the Utah State Legislature passed House Bill 261, which...

Crowds of people waving pride flags at a festival celebrating Pride month.

Where to celebrate Pride this month

Tenaya Hyde, Culture Reporter June 4, 2024

Many events are occurring throughout Utah this month to celebrate Pride. While the yearly Utah Pride Festival in Salt Lake City already occurred on June 1-2, the following events will continue to celebrate...

LGBTQ+ flags placed inside of the LGBTQ+ Center at Weber State University.

Centro LGBTQ+ se cierra el primero de julio

Nathanael Stout, Translator June 4, 2024

Aunque cada día en junio marca otro día en el Mes del Orgullo, durante este año también marca otro día que está más cercano el fin del centro LGBTQ+ en el campus de la universidad de Weber State. El...

Ayo Edebiri, left, and Rachel Sennott in Bottoms.

OPINION: Best movies to celebrate Pride Month

Cooper Hatsis, Assistant Section Editor June 4, 2024

Pride Month is here, and for many that means celebrating individuality through parades, parties, concerts and much more, but it can also be time to check out some of the great Pride-related storytelling...

Yellow note at the exhibit telling members of the LGBTQ+ community to Love who you love.

LGBTQ+ Center to shut down July 1

Megan Swann, Section Editor June 4, 2024

While each day in June marks another day in Pride Month, this year, it also marks another day closer to the end of the LGBTQ+ Center on Weber State University’s campus. The center’s upcoming closure...

Drag queen, Liam Manchesthair, Reading the story The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.

Slaying Storytime

Alma Bell, Reporter November 1, 2022

The month of October is not only home to Halloween, but also LGBTQ History Month. The Special Collections Department of Stewart Library collaborated with Ogden Pride, a local organization dedicated to...

Sign at the Rainbow Letters Exhibit asking those who attend to write a note to their younger self. (Sara Staker/The Signpost)

Adding to queer history

Hunter Lindsey, Reporter October 6, 2022

Weber State University’s Special Collections department is providing a voice to the LGBTQ community in Weber and Davis counties. “The Queering the Archives initiative is to gather first-hand stories...

Ericka DeLynn elegantly walks across the stage as she performs. Photo credit: Summer Muster

Serving… inclusivity!

Adam Montgomery April 4, 2022

Diversity and Inclusivity Week is a week-long run of events and gatherings to foster a healthier environment for Weber State students who may feel alone or unspoken for. Events this week include Waldo's...

Newly elected President Ashley Potokar (left) hugs VP of Activities Colette Mortensen (right) tightly in celebration. (Bella Torres / The Signpost)

New year, new leaders

Lucas Moore March 13, 2022

The Weber State University Student Association announced the results of the student body election during the annual Weber’s Got Talent on March 4.In between the individual talent displays, WSUSA...

The Professional Devaluation Scale showcases the rate at which different disadvantaged groups are devalued, or harrassed, in professional workplaces. Photo credit: Lexie Andrew

Un desequilibrio en el STEM

Andres Rodriguez January 31, 2022

El campo STEM es un campo muy necesario, pero lleno de desigualdades. A menudo, cuando las personas piensan en este campo, solo piensan en los hombres blancos heterosexuales que constituyen la mayoría...

An online petition went up online on Nov. 12 advocating for an LGBTQ senate position on Weber State University’s Student Association. Photo credit: Weber State University

Petitioning for more diverse leadership

Lissete Landaverde November 17, 2021

An online petition went live on Nov. 12 advocating for an LGBTQ senate position on Weber State University's Student Association. The petition was posted on social media and was sent to professors to share...

Students holding signs during the protest at the Shepherd Union on Nov. 4. Photo credit: Caitlyn Nichols

Protesting for campus change

Jennifer Greenlee November 4, 2021

Protestors set up in the Shepherd Union on the morning of Nov. 4 in response to the white supremacist posters put up in at least the Shepherd Union and the Student Services building on the morning of Nov....

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