Creepy creatures in freaky features

As Weber State University students, we all have access to Kanopy, a streaming service that is provided through your Weber State University credentials. Students can find many different movies on Kanopy, including horror movies. What better way to take advantage of this spooky season than by watching some horror movies? In this list, I will be counting down my five favorite horror or just spooky movies on the platform.

5. “Parasite”
This Korean film takes a look at what a family might be willing to do to avoid poverty. A family, over a period of a few months, infiltrates a rich family’s home to try and survive. This film came out in 2019 — around the start of the pandemic.

I kept hearing praise for this movie going around, so when I saw it on Kanopy, I figured I would give it a shot. I found it quite good, if not a little slow. The story was good, and the subversion of the imposter trope was quite enjoyable.

4. “Hereditary”
This movie had come out before I got into horror, and one of my friends who was a huge horror fan was in love with it. Since I am now a horror fan, I decided to check it out.

“Hereditary” is about a family that, after a tragedy happens to them, ends up uncovering dark secrets from the past of their lineage. This is an amazing supernatural horror with some truly disturbing scenes that are not for those who are super squeamish. This movie is worth watching for the story itself.

3. “Tragedy Girls”
Ever wonder what would happen if true crime fans got a little too into their favorite genre? Well, this is the film for you. In this black comedy, two friends, Sadie and Mckayla, try to raise their social media following as two true crime YouTubers by taking matters into their own hands.

During the modern era where true crime podcasts, docuseries and YouTubers are everywhere, this movie makes you question whether these types of shows should really be entertainment while also making it feel reminiscent of movies like “Heathers” and “Carrie.”

2. “Midsommar”
A couple and a group of their anthropologist friends take a trip to Sweden for a once-in-a-lifetime midsommar festival, and once-in-a-lifetime it certainly is. As a fan of cult horror and how different cultures can function, this movie was just my style.

It plays with themes of grief and madness and shares the same director as “Hereditary,” so it had some truly horrifying imagery. I had a Google page open, showing Norse runes next to me while watching this, and you might want to too; they use runic symbols repetitively to give hints as to what everything might be.

1. “The Love Witch”
A witch desperately wants a boyfriend, but struggles to keep one. She decides to use sex magic to help her. This is a movie for the girls, the gays and the theys. It acts as an homage to the cult classic movies of the 60’s and explores ideas of love and yearning. As she uses sex magic, it is important to note that this movie is a pretty hard “R” rating, and there is a fair bit of nudity.

There are horror films for everyone, no matter what type you enjoy. Kanopy is an accessible platform for students to find whatever genre suits you best. Let us know what other scary movies you found on Kanopy this spooky season!