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Indy, la cantante principal de Bittersweets, en la Batalla de las Bandas

Batalla de los bandas

Nelly Hernandez Tejada, Traductor November 14, 2023

La universidad de Weber State estudiantes y miembros de la comunidad se emocionaron en KWCR’s Batalla de las Bandas el 8 de Noviembre. La competencia fue entre tres bandas locales: Bittersweet, Doomcupcake...

Backdrop for photos at the Battle of the Bands event thrown by KWCR.

Bands battle it out

Terra Bell, Reporter November 14, 2023

Weber State University students and community members rocked out at KWCR's Battle of the Bands on Nov 8. The competition was held between three local bands: Bittersweet, Doomcupcake and If and When. Bittersweet’s...

A photo of a robot hand and human hand reaching out towards each other.

Humans and AI: Noreen Herzfeld speaks at WSU

Terra Bell, Reporter November 9, 2023

The Noorda Engineering, Applied Science and Technology Building hosted Noreen L. Herzfeld, a professor of science and religion at Saint John’s University, as part of Weber State University’s Peterson...

Children setting up and launching paper rockets during Physics and Friends on Oct. 6.

Fuera de este mundo

Daniela Imbrett, Traductor October 10, 2023

En el segundo piso de Lind Lecture Hall, los estudiantes, profesores y miembros de la comunidad de Weber State University pueden encontrar el Planetario Ott. "Cuando teníamos el laboratorio de ciencias...

Physics and Friends attendees setting up 
preparing to launch paper rockets.

Ott of this world

Terra Bell, Reporter October 10, 2023

On the second floor of Lind Lecture Hall, Weber State University students, faculty and community members can find the Ott Planetarium. “When we had the science lab up there, students would go up to...

Woven bracelets laid out across a vendors booth.

El Mercadito: Little market, big impact

Terra Bell, Reporter October 5, 2023

On Oct. 2 and 3, Weber State University’s Shepherd Union Atrium was filled with music and colorful vendors, signifying the return of El Mercadito. El Mercadito is a small market of local businesses...

David Rhone setting up his booth in Shepard Union for the El Mercadito.

Un pequeño mercado con un gran impacto

Mariano Martinez Martinez, traductor October 5, 2023

El 1 y 2 de octubre, el atrio de Weber State University en Shepherd Union se llenó de música y comerciantes coloridos, lo que significaba la vuelta de El Mercadito. El Mercadito es un pequeño mercado...

Terra at eleven up in the mountains.

Forming my identity

Terra Bell, Columnist September 28, 2023

Forming our identity is something we all do; my story just happens to be a bit different. My path to realizing I was transgender was far from straightforward. I started questioning whether I was actually...

A closer look inside of the piece, New Range.

Renovando la esquina de Ogden

Mariano Martinez Martinez, Traductor September 21, 2023

El 1 de septiembre, Ogden Arts, Culture & Events organizó una ceremonia de corte de cinta para celebrar la inauguración de The Corner como caseta de información y tienda para Ogden que abrirá durante...

The artist and members of the local business community, cut the ribbon at the unveiling of a new art piece.

Renovating The Corner of Ogden

Terra Bell, Reporter September 21, 2023

On Sept. 1, Ogden Arts, Culture and Events held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the unveiling of The Corner as a year-round information booth and store for Ogden. “It was an old building that...

Students showing off their muscles as they are being hypnotized during the show.

Weber state hypnosis showcase TRANSLATION

Mariano Martinez Martinez, Traductor September 19, 2023

Los estudiantes de Weber State University tuvieron la oportunidad de ser hipnotizados por el famoso hipnotista Tom DeLuca el 13 de septiembre, cortesía del equipo de actividades WSUSA. El equipo de...

The statue of the founder and first president of Weber State University, Louis Fredrick Moench, that sits at the bottom of campus. The statue is said to bring good luck before an exam by rubbing his right foot.

OPINION: Superstitions around campus

Terra Bell, Columnist August 28, 2023

From my time at Weber State University, I have heard of three widespread superstitions. And for those new to campus, I shall enlighten you. Before we look at superstitions, it would be helpful to have...

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