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Dance: The answer to life's struggles

What if we could solve all problems, confrontations and awkward moments with dancing? Go with me here. What if dancing was an intricate part of our communication with one another to avoid those moments that make us feel uncomfortable?

For example, imagine you get home from work to find that your roommate has eaten the pizza you had been dreaming about all day long (don’t act like you don’t dream about food in class). Pizza you had bought with your own money the other day. Instead of marching to his or her room to yell profanities at the inconsiderate consumption of week-old pizza that you wanted to consume, you politely invited them to a dance battle, using the genre of dance of your choice. Instead of yelling all night, you and your roommate robot-battled until you can no longer robot any more.

How about a dance solution for two academic scenarios of trouble? Your assignment is late and you need to plead with your teacher about how important it is that they understand that your Internet crashed the night the paper was due by midnight, or asking your teacher to re-evaluate your grade on a particular assignment because you need a 4.0. The awkwardness of that moment of trying to explain yourself to your professor in the way that doesn’t sound like excuses that other, less-dedicated students give can be totally avoided. You could instead choreograph a lyrical dance to a slow and heartstring-tugging song that would show just how hurt you are by your failed attempt at academic excellence. You would then have to communicate your need through the passion in your dance moves.

I think any conflict could be resolved by dance. There is a dance for every situation in life; you just have to find it. Ballet could help you gently wake someone up in the morning. Jazz when you need to be a little sassy to the barista that never makes your coffee right. Tap when you need to get the attention of a group of people who are dead set on speaking over you. Breakdancing when you disagree with someone on who should win the Super Bowl.

Even the most awkward and uncomfortable of moment, the holy grail of awkward occasions, the infamous breakup, can be handled with well-crafted choreography. You would handle this situation with a combination of genres. Start with a jazz step that leads into some modern dance moves that show the movement of your heart and frustration with your current relationship. After that, express your sadness with some floor work. For the grand exit of the relationship and space you’re sharing with your now-heartbroken ex, moonwalk . . . away.

Unlike some skills, the idea of dance-communicating could work in everyday life. Stuck in traffic? Car-dance away your worry. In-laws calling you? Harlem-shake to your ringtone until it goes to voicemail. Even zombies can be revived if you teach them how to dougie, I’m sure of it.

On a more serious note, what if dancing was really the closest thing to violence that existed in our society? Instead of gunshots, we’d have beats rocking through neighborhoods. Winners of wars wouldn’t be characterized by how much damage was done, but instead would be judged like “Dancing with the Stars.” Gangs would really be just dance crews, and instead of committing crimes, they’d pop and lock for change.

Whether dance would be used in just eradicating awkward conflicts or spicing up global issues, I think dancing is the answer to most of life’s struggles. Just dance it out.

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