Playin' On Purple: Working out on campus

I have a friend who transferred to WSU. The first time he was on campus, he asked me with a lack of breath, “Whose horrible idea was it to build a campus on the side of a mountain?”

I can’t walk to one class from another without needing to catch my breath before the next one starts. I have always considered myself a pretty active person, but I can never completely catch my breath. Every time I am panting, I also think to myself, “Whose horrible idea was it to build a campus on the side of a mountain?”

I don’t think this is the first time this question has been asked in reference to our beautiful campus.

But I realized something the other day as I made the trek from the union building to Stewart Stadium (which, believe me, is quite a doozy!): that between all my classes, walking to and from my car, as well as the other slew of errands I run on campus, I actually get in 30 minutes of solid exercise every day.

Let’s break this down. I carry around 30 pounds of textbooks and a laptop. Lifting 30 pounds repetitively works out my arms. I climb stairs, which works out my legs. I walk up hills, which works out my calves. If I tighten my abs when I walk, they are sore by the end of the day. I know all these little things help, because I am constantly sore. My abs hurt, my calves hurt and I am constantly out of breath, which equals a workout well done.

So, instead of complaining about the campus on the side of a mountain, let’s be grateful. Let’s thank the person who decided to build WSU on a mountain. They are the reason we are healthy. We are a lazy society. Now, don’t be offended. We all know we would rather be on a couch watching television, or a movie, or playing a video game.

We come to school, we go to work, we go home and sit. We put off the homework we know we shouldn’t, and we sit. We don’t get a good amount of exercise because we are too exhausted. We need to get more exercise than we do, but at least, because of the smart man who selected our campus location, we can feel better about ourselves.

Not only are we constantly working out our brains because we are at school and learning in a classroom, but we are working out our bodies. WSU is a great place to be if you want the best of both worlds but are too busy to exercise your body.