Searching for sexual health resources

A sign outside of the Student Health Center.

In a recent search for sexual testing, I decided to check Weber State University’s website in an effort to understand the sexual health resources and services our campus clinic offers.

Currently, it looks like the Student Health Center provides chlamydia and gonorrhea testing for $35 each, pregnancy tests that are free and herpes culture testing for $65. These current services leave a large gap in student sexual health.

The Student Health Center provides no mention of HIV testing, PrEP medication, HPV vaccinations or simple family planning courses.

However, the center does carry contraceptives and performs routine women’s health check-ups. They perform pap smears and are willing to help students with any questions regarding sexual health.

In comparison, the University of Utah offers completely free HIV/STI testing for the fall semester (WSU costs $35 each) while also providing sexual health supplies and additional info on any further resources needed.

Brigham Young University offers a family planning class that contains information on contraception, male and female anatomy discussion and preparation for intercourse. The entire class costs students $10.

Utah State University offers a myriad of sexual health services for their students, including HPV vaccinations, sexual conseling, pap smears, IUD placements and care for any gyneological problems.

Southern Utah University offers free condoms and pregnancy tests to students. While SUU does not host an on-campus clinic, they do provide a plethora of detailed resources to get you the answers you need.

Lastly, Utah Valley University provides their students with pap smears, contraception and a complete HIV/STI testing panel.

A 2018 review of Weber’s Student Health Center shared that only 13% of students on campus take advantage of the clinic’s services. It makes me wonder if upgrading our sexual health resources and advertising them more would help the amount of students using their facility.

The rate for sexually-transmitted infections continues to grow each year and according to the CDC close to half of the 20 million STIs reported in 2018 were people aged 15-24 years old.

If you’re a student and looking for sexual health help that the Student Health Center can’t provide, Planned Parenthood of Utah is just down the street from campus and offers an extensive list of low-cost or free services and resources to our community.



This story has been edited to reflect the correct resources from The Student Health Center.