Care for a monthly visit

Hygiene products lay at the bottom of a dispenser. (Kennedy Camarena/ The Signpost)

Utah’s Period Project has opened doors for all women in school. It is a mission of bringing menstrual equity starting in schools and campuses.

Utah’s Legislature implemented legislation to provide more access to free menstrual products in all of Utah’s private and public schools, along with college campuses. This provides a surety for all women to have the means to receive the menstrual health remedies needed for their periods.

Period products have been overlooked for centuries. By making these products available, it is hoped that there will be fewer absences from school, less shame and embarrassment and a guaranteed space of acceptance for menstrual occurrences in schools.

Periods are a part of a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is important to have products to manage menstrual health. This initiative allows women of all ages to relieve some of the stress or financial burdens they might face in gaining these products.

Menstruation is a natural thing that students shouldn’t be ashamed of. With hopes to change the stigma, this initiative hopes to lead women to not taking shame in their needs nor their periods.

Providing these products in all school public restrooms creates a safe environment for women, allowing them the peace of mind that they have access to these products whenever on school property.

Katelyn Blanch from the Women’s Center at Weber State University said there are many resources available. Menstrual products can be found in the Women’s Center, the Student Health Center and now women’s bathrooms.

The Women’s Center has hopes to administer these same products into the male, and gender-neutral restrooms in the future.

Not only does Weber State provide these products for women but they also provide other hygiene products.

The Women’s Center and Student Health Center also provide condoms, both latex-free and regular, pregnancy tests and menstrual cups.

The Women’s Center’s resource pantry is available and free to all students at Weber. Weber hopes to create an environment where students can de-stigmatize and have access to these resources.

“There’s no shame or stigma that comes with these products,” Blanch said. “They are just products for all human beings that people need here or there. Or if you don’t need them, maybe you know someone who needs them.”

These products are stocked and ready for all students. Having period products available not only reduces public health costs but allows higher productivity levels across campus and in the workplace.

In Utah and at Weber State, this initiative allows all students to learn freely without the disruption of an uncontrolled health need, de-stigmatize and de-sexualizes women’s menstruation and respects the right of students’ privacy of managing their cycle with accessible free products in their restrooms.