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Cupcakes on campus

The Cupcake Wars event at the Weber State University Davis Campus was on Sept. 19. Students, faculty and other attendees gathered together to make their best cupcakes that they could sample themselves at lovely decorated tables.

Cupcake decorating Israel Campa.jpg
The cupcakes being distributed to get decorated (Israel Campa / The Signpost)

The event was a joint effort by organizers Heather Sheehan, who is the student body Vice President at the Davis Campus, and fellow student Carissa Ott. Both Sheehan and Ott are part of the Davis campus Student Council at WSUSA.

“With the new semester starting up, we are having some time to take away from studying and have some fun,” says Ott.

Both Ott and Sheehan hope to funnel this kind of attendance into other events held at the Davis campus, this event being the first of many events they are hosting this semester. Other events include a yoga night and a skating night hosted at various spots around the community. Their intention is to bridge campus communities with the community at large in the Davis County area.

Fun was the key for many people who attended the event. Children eagerly showed up with their parents to not only decorate cupcakes but to sample all the free toppings that the event had to offer.

“I really like baking and like watching baking shows, and since I had [my kids] and since families were invited, I’d take them as well,” says Megan Marsden, mother of two. “I see other families with kids, and it’s so relaxed. It’s really nice.”

But the event was not only limited to families. Students without families were taking part in the refreshing revels and sometimes by accident. Tim Wittner was such a student. He was taking an exam on campus and saw the many flyers and advertisements on campus and being a passionate cake decorator, himself knew he had to take part.

“I love baking cupcakes, and this has been really fun. The only downside I have is that I am only decorating cupcakes and not actually baking them,” says Wittner, as he enthusiastically placed frosting on cupcakes by the bucket load.

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