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WSUSA Candidate platforms

All photographs and candidate platforms were provided by WSUSA.

Executive Branch

Bret Alexander—President

Bret Alexander1.jpg

Hello, WILDCATS! My name is Bret Alexander. I’m a first-generation college student who moved out of my home when I was 16. While putting myself through college, I have consistently worked 2-3 jobs at a time. Regardless of obstacles, I have gained experience in student government for 4 total years. I currently serve as YOUR Student Body Leadership Vice President.

I have listened and heard the needs of the students, and if elected, I can accommodate them. My biggest concern is YOU: as students who are workers, parents, LGBTQIA+, a person of color, international, religious, etc. We all have unique perspectives, let’s get YOURS heard!

In my last 4 years involved, I’ve seen a lack of communication and presentation to the students. LET’S FIX IT. I’m experienced, dedicated, and want to see campus UNITY. I will deliver experience and YOUR input. I want to continue the develop our Mental Health initiative because Weber students deserve this support.

I’ve spent the last 4 years being YOUR advocate, let’s keep the momentum by VOTING BRET. Check out my Facebook page for more info  Bret Alexander for Student Body President. REMEMBER: Don’t Fret, Vote Bret!

Jovany Bahena-Rosario—President

Jovany Behena.jpg

As Senator of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, I have grown as a leader and have had the opportunity to hold positions such as Stop the Hate Chair for the WSU Diversity and Unity Board, leadership positions in my Fraternity, and being a college council member.

I’ve currently had the pleasure of interning at the State Capitol. These positions have allowed me to advocate for students who feel uncomfortable to voice their concerns. I value our student body and it is time that we are unified in our goals of building a campus we can call home.

Scott Lund—President

Scott Lund1.jpg

I believe Weber State students can compete academically with anybody in the country when provided the opportunity. As President, I will work to provide all students with the resources necessary to be successful, primarily mental health assistance and post-graduation opportunities.

Over 70% of students suffer from the effects of depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems while at Weber. The majority of Weber State students are unaware of the mental health resources the university provides. This year, I created and passed a senate resolution to mandate that every course syllabus contain information about these mental health resources.

Mental health is an issue that is very personal to me and I will continue to do everything in my power to improve mental health awareness/resources. As Senator of the College of Business and Economics this past year, I worked closely with faculty to bridge the gap between students and professors, to provide students with greater career opportunities.

This helped place students in positions within many high-profile companies. I will work to bring similar opportunities to all students at Weber State. I believe that Weber State is an incredible institution that improves the lives of thousands each year. Together we can show the world what we are capable of.

Julio Otay—President


My name is Julio Otay. I am a junior seeking a Business Administration major. I have been working in the last 10 years with many different organizations, especially those related to community service. I have served 2 years in WSUSA as a Hispanic Student Senator. From day one, I wanted to serve and help in the University.

I am running for student body president because I like to work together with students and other executives in reaching common goals like retaining students, keeping clear communication between faculty and students, emboss the sense of belonging in students and provide tools and resources for those with financial needs.

I hope to be a resource and liaison for students, and continue to accept student feedback and relay it to administration so that we can continue to make improvements. I would like to motivate and invite students to voice their concerns to their leaders and be assured that they will be heard.

My commitment is to give my best for this wonderful community and to provide my experience and dedication to Weber State University.

Kade Crittenden—Legislative Vice President

Kade Crittenden2.jpg

Those who know me on campus would agree that I am proud to be a Wildcat and that I give my all to everything I put my mind to. I love WSU and appreciate it more and more each day. As Legislative Vice President, I will help students become connected with their campus and their student representatives.

I feel it is often difficult as a student of WSU to stay connected with all that is happing, when it’s happening, and how to get involved. It is also tough to know and understand how to use the many resources that WSU students have available to them.

I believe the best way to keep students involved and informed is to update and create information kiosks at key locations on campus, and to motivate faculty to be just as involved with, informed about, and dedicated to the activities and resources on campus as the students are.

I will be able to accomplish these goals as I have previous experience on student senate, many connections with faculty and staff, and most importantly a love for WSU. Weber State is much more than “just Weber,” it’s time students and faculty alike know that! Remember to #choosecrittenden for Legislative VP!!!

Michelle Thao—Activities Vice President

Michelle Thao1.jpg

My vision as the Activities Vice-President 2019 is to increase the amount of student involvement and engagement by creating quality events. Events should not be spent on small programming as we have done in past years.

Weber State Events should be focused on large quality programming events that make a difference in Weber students’ lives. Concerts, Educational speakers, and more. Together we can make change for the upcoming year. Vote for Michelle Thao as Activities Vice-President 2019.

Wyatt Walk—Activities Vice President

Wyatt Walk1.jpg

My name is Wyatt Walk and I am running for the Activities Vice President for WSUSA. If elected I have a few goals that I will attempt to accomplish. My first goal is that I want to improve non-traditional student attendance at events. Often overlooked, these students are vital to Weber State University. In the university’s current state, the activities are focused more towards traditional students.

I will introduce more mature activities, an activities that parents can bring future Wildcats to. My second goal is to improve the spectacle of events. When it comes to food, humans eat with their eyes first. I do not see why this can’t be true for other aspects of life.

I want to create grandiose activities that will be remembered far into the future. My final goal is that of listening to the students. We are all part of WSUSA, yet most students don’t know that. I want to listen to feedback and craft events that the students want.

Gone are the niche events that only a few people attend. I will usher in an era by the people, and for the people. I want to know what events the students want so I can create an experience that they will carry with them for their entire lives.

Katie Giddens—Clubs and Organizations Vice President

Katie Giddens1.jpg

I am currently the Vice President of Clubs and Organizations. I’m excited to be running for the position of Clubs and Organizations Vice President again. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree here and decided to stay at Weber State University and pursue my degree in the Masters of Taxation program.

My Goals for the upcoming year are:

1. Increase clubs’ ability to network with students for recruitment, and the community for experience.

2. Make clubs be more accessible to students on campus to help more students engage in their personal college experience so it can be more enjoyable.

3. Create a transition process for club advisors and presidents that will include documentation storage and information transferal so that there is no lapse in club leadership.

4. Provide clubs with ways to serve our school and community better by collaborating with partners to add more service opportunities throughout the year.

Gustavo Medina—Davis Campus VP

The wind thrusts against my hair, my heart is racing, and each time my feet lifts off the ground, I crack a smile. The sun beats against my face as spring comes to an end. I can see the finish line. I feel the empowering support of my friends and family on the sidelines pushing me to reach my goal.

Wiping the sweat of hard work and dedication, I crossed. I may not have won the race, but I won through persistence. My goal is met. I am successful. I am Gustavo; I am running for Vice President.

Spencer Ramsey—Davis Campus Vice President

Spencer Ramsey1.jpg

I am studying business administration and am running for the position of Davis Campus Vice President. Being involved with my campus and community has always been a passion of mine. Currently, I am serving on the Goddard School of Business and Economics All Area Council and the Davis Campus Student Council as the Non-Traditional Events Coordinator.

Between classes and my roles here on campus I have found time to volunteer with the VITA program helping low income individuals and families with their taxes. Weber State University’s Davis Campus is a host to over 5,000 students and the Nuames STEM charter school.

Currently, many Nuames students have to commute from the Davis Campus to Ogden for one or two of their classes. As VP, my goal will be to bring more STEM classes to the Davis campus.

Heather Sheehan—Davis Campus Vice President

Heather Sheehan1.jpg

My name is Heather Sheehan and I am running for the Davis Campus and Satellite Campuses Vice President. Over the past year, I have had the honor of representing the Davis Campus as Vice President. I have grown as a leader, colleague, and friend. Most importantly, I have gained chief insight to the Davis Campus.

If there was one word to describe the Davis Student Council, that word would be family because with each other we deliver unity. As a family, we have brought light to the Davis Campus. This light the council possesses is what has encouraged me to continue and run for Davis Vice President.

If elected as Davis Vice President, I wish to form a place where students can come together, aside from their backgrounds, and provide an avenue for them to develop leadership skills, engage in rewarding activities, and build lasting relationships.

I hope to carry this legacy and fully extend myself so that the students of Davis Campus can be heard. Now is not the time to give up, but the time to look to the horizon and dream big. It is time for your voice to be heard.

Isabela Alvarado—Diversity and Unity Vice President

Isabela Alvarada1.jpg

Hello, I am Isabela Alvarado and running for the Vice President position through Diversity and Unity at Weber State University. I am running for this position because I enjoy being involved and making the most of my college experience. I also enjoy challenging myself to develop new skills in every position that I hold.

I believe that being a big part of my college’s community is important because I get to build many new connections with faculty and other successful people I meet along the way. I want to be educated not just in my classes, but also in leadership positions. I want to grow, expand on my skills, and prepare for my future as a graduate student.

I am currently studying Social Work with a minor in Psychology. I hope to graduate from Weber State University with a Bachelor’s degree and move on to graduate school to get a Master’s Degree. I would love to work with people with diverse backgrounds and help those in need of resources. I am hardworking, responsible, and brave.

I am great with communicating, time management, and being organized. I love to learn and inspire others to do things they are afraid to do. I also like to keep busy because I get to build on my responsibility and time management skills.

My goal as a Vice President is to provide educational opportunities for students with diverse backgrounds to embrace their culture and implement many activities and events for students. I will also work effectively with others on the team and receive and give feedback. I look forward to being an advocate for diversity awareness on campus and in the surrounding community.

Enallia Brooks—Diversity and Unity Vice President

Hey, Wildcats! My name is Enallia Brooks and I am new to Weber State. The best part about having new people is they see what needs to be done and have not gotten use to the old. I want to make WSU have the same spirit has the beginning of the school year. Diversity is a key component in at WSU and I feel like with more involvment and other projects everyone can feel at home!

Diego de Haro—Diversity and Unity Vice President

I would like to express my strong interest for the position of Diversity& Unity V.P. I was pleased to find out the need for a dedicated individual, with somewhat experience and knowledge in leadership, and staff development.

My strong initiative and exceptional skills combined with the ability to work good under tense situations; furthermore, I am very appreciative for granting me for the possibility to even apply for this position. I sense that I would connect with other students because of my moderately high school spirit, people could come to me and I could assist when needed.

Miriam Samiu—Diversity and Unity Vice President

Miram Samiu1.jpg

My name is Miriam Samiu and I am a Sophomore here at WSU. I am currently the President of The Ohana Association, which is a club for Pacific Islander students and I am majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology.

With this major, I plan on working for the FBI which will provide a platform for future Pacific Islander students. By running for this position, I will not only be providing a sense of unity and diversity in the Criminal Justice Department but also in Weber State as a whole.

Hannah Olsen—Leadership Vice President

Hannah Olsen2.jpg

Hello! My name is Hannah Olsen and I want to be the Vice President of Leadership for the 2019-2020 academic year! Next year will be my 2nd year at Weber State, but I will be a Junior in Class standing, Majoring in Business, pursuing Law School hoping to become a Prosecuting Attorney.

I served on the Service Team in WSUSA as the Weber County Elections Chair, and loved every minute but I have decided I would like to do something more focused at a higher level. I would love the opportunity to give all of my attention and efforts into a few, large events throughout the year, more focused on Leadership.

I often crossed paths with The American Democracy Project, since our goals for our organizations aligned, which resulted in an interest and then bond with the Leadership Team and the realization that my personality fits better with their projects and goals.

I want to be your Leadership VP to see more collaboration within the WSUSA branches, to create impactful events that you want to attend, and to be able to be a part of as many discussions as I can to protect your student rights, use your fees the way you want them to be used, and protect your scholarships.

I am confident I will be able to represent the students fully and create the year you want because of my previous collaborative relationship to Leadership Team, dedication to Weber State Students and ambition to execute memorable events.

There are big changes to the organization of the team next year, and I see that as a perfect opportunity for you to elect me and allow me to embrace and grow alongside the team with a fresh perspective, without previous expectations. Vote Hannah, come talk to me about what you want to see next year and let’s do it!

Raven Uribe—Leadership Vice President

Raven Uribe1.jpg

My name is Raven Uribe and this year I was one of eight chairs on the WSUSA Leadership Team. I worked closely with this year’s Leadership VP and it has helped me grow a lot as a leader. I have learned how to challenge myself, how to ask for help when it’s needed, how to be a better listener, how to be more inclusive, and so many other valuable lessons.

I love the Leadership Team and where it is going, and I want to be at the front line of all of these wonderful changes. I know next year will be amazing with proper leadership. This year has made me realize that ANYONE can be a leader. This makes me want to find new ways of empowering other people’s leadership skills and give people a voice who may not have one otherwise.

I want to create events that support the growth of leaders on campus. I want EVERYONE to realize how much of a leader they can be. I AM Raven and can see the future where I’m YOUR VP of Leadership!

Breann Christopherson—Service Vice President

Breann Christopherson1.jpg

Hello! My name is Breann Christopherson, and I am beyond excited for the opportunity to run for Vice President of Service! Currently, I serve as the Done in a Day program chair, where I plan and organize weekly service projects for students to get involved in, right on campus. I also serve as the Greek Council and Kappa Omega Eta Philanthropy Chairs.

For the past 3 years, I have been working on a personal platform, entitled Project H.E.R.O. – Helping Everyone Reach Out. I serve my community as an example and educator of the many opportunities available for service work throughout Northern Utah. This is the new age of volunteerism – making service work for you.

You don’t need to have superpowers to reach out and make a difference; you just need you and your passions. Take what you are good at and are interested in and turn it into impactful volunteer work. Volunteering and serving those around you is such a remarkable way to get involved in your community and make a difference in the lives of others.

My goal is to inspire others to do their own type of volunteer work based on their hobbies, talents and passions – whatever they may be. It truly is eye-opening to realize that even the smallest efforts on your part can have an everlasting impact on others. I want to continue building partnerships throughout our community.

I want to enhance events, increase volunteer turnout, educate students on the benefits of volunteering, and further strengthen our community. We are Weber State and we are the future. Let’s go Wildcats!

Rylie Howard—Service Vice President

Rylie Howard1.jpg

My name is Rylie Howard, and I am the current American Red Cross chair for the Service Team. I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience and Chemistry, but my ultimate goal is medical school.

I have held leadership positions with many clubs and organizations, such as the Service Team, the WSU Scientista Chapter, Healthcare Discoverers Club, Medical Academy Club, etc. My position as the American Red Cross chair is a very rewarding position, where I have had the opportunity to serve our community in numerous ways.

These opportunities include blood drives, installing fire alarms, and teaching families life-saving skills such as hands-only CPR, and home fire safety, etc. I find this position worthwhile because I am able to provide students with the opportunity to teach and provide life-saving skills and tools.

I want to serve as your VP of Service because I have a passion for service. Service has had a significant impact on my life, and I want to show the students of Weber State just how easy it is to make a difference in our community. There are countless ways to make a difference, ranging from installing fire alarms in people homes to playing laser tag and bonding with local elementary-aged kids.

The possibilities for making a positive impact are endless, and I want to show and encourage Weber State students to take part in the countless service opportunities they have.

Andrew Nelson—Service Vice President

Andrew Nelson1.jpg

Hello my fellow Weber State classmates. My name Is Andrew Nelson and I am running for the Vice President of Service. Currently, I serve within the presidency of two clubs on campus, the tennis club and the Pre-Physician Assistant club. I also serve as the WSUSA Service Team Boys & Girls Club Chair while being a first-generation student.

In this position, I get to plan monthly events with the local sites and teach those kids wonderful life lessons while having an awesome time. Below are my main focuses for next year if I am to be elected as Service Vice President.

First Generation Students:

I am a first-generation student, so I want to be connected with first generation students for their support with anything, but also to provide service opportunities to get them involved on campus

Clubs and Organizations:

According to the competitive sports coordinator, most clubs do not meet the requirement of 10 service hours per member, and it is rare for clubs to log 100 hours. I want to make that statistic extinct by teaming up with the Clubs & Organizations Vice President to achieve the desired service hours.


Last, but certainly not least. I want to continue to vision of the past Vice President of service by working to add another chair for the overall growth of the service team.

Hyrum Packard—Service Vice President

Hyrum Packard1.jpg

I’m Hyrum Packard, the current WSUSA Service team Special Olympics chair majoring in Microbiology preparing for dental school. Helping out with the Special Olympics has been such an amazing opportunity. I have helped out at practices each week, coached at regional and state tournaments for bocce, and track, and help plan and run the regional basketball games here at Weber State!

Service has always played an important role in my life, and is really a great joy in my life. Growing up I was surrounded with service opportunities. Through church activities, Boy Scouts, or humanitarian trips that my parents would take me on, I’ve really learned the happiness that can be had by serving others, and I want to help other students have that same Joy and happiness.

My goal for the Service team is to be able to get more students involved. I would help this happen by collaborating with different clubs, groups, and teams on campus to help more of our student body be involved in serving our community. Vote for me Hyrum Packard as Service Team VP and together we’ll be able to make a difference!

Legislative Branch

Zoie Greenwood—College of Arts & Humanities

Hello! My name is Zoie Greenwood and I am running to become the student senator for the College of Arts and Humanities. I am duel majoring in Theatre, with an emphasis in acting and directing and English. When I’m not in class, I love reading, paddle-boarding, and baking.

I am so excited to work with my fellow students to make the humanities college the best. My goal as a senator is to bring each part of the colleges together to make a giant melting pot of creativity. We each bring some form of creativity to the table with our majors and minors.

How cool would it be to bring our talents together to create something beautiful? I’m very communicative and willing to make sure everyone is comfortable in our college. I’m really excited to be running!

Jamie Lobato—College of Arts & Humanities


My time at Weber State has been more than just an educational experience, and I want the students of the College of Arts and Humanities to have that same experience as well. The Lindquist College of Arts of Humanities needs a voice that honors all the students within the college, and I want to be that voice.

Since our college is expanded through three buildings on campus, I want to push for my unity through all of our departments. Each and every single one of us has different potentials that each of the departments have taught us, and it is the time that not only our hard work but our uniqueness is brought to the table of the student senate.

Another issue that I want to solve is to ensure that the departments in our college are brought together through communication from the Senator. There are issues that students need their voice heard on, and its time those voices are honored. As your Senator, I hope you will join me on this journey!

Jessica Westover—School of Business and Economics Senator

Jessica Westover1.jpg

Eliminate the “Just Weber” attitude: Weber State is a GREAT school and our students can do GREAT things. I want to inspire the student body, especially within the business school, to go for their dreams, and help them find the resources to achieve those dreams.

Increase student involvement in on‐campus events and organizations: I will strive to make it so the students in the business school are more aware of the opportunities that are available to them here at Weber State.

Maddie Lund—College of Education

Maddie Lund1.jpg

My name is Maddie Lund, and I want to run for Education Senator because I am passionate about strengthening the Moyes College of Education. As a senator, there are three main priorities I will have. First, I want to strengthen the relationships and involvement in the student clubs and organizations.

I also want to provide a platform for your voices to be heard in Senate, and to help create a space for students to petition for improvements in the College. Lastly, I want to help improve communication between students, advisors, and faculty within the college.

I want to help create an environment that provides the best opportunities for the students of our College, so please vote for Maddie Lund!

John Bradford—College of Engineering, Applied Sciences & Technology

When I was younger, I wanted to grow up and become an inventor like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Tracy Hall, and Alexander Graham Bell. My love for science, mathematics, and computing have led me to study Mechanical Engineering. I consider myself very privileged to be able to stay here at Weber State and study engineering.

I am passionate about aviation, computer-aided design, programming, environmental conservation, construction, safety, music, building things, meeting new people, and I love Weber State. During the academic year of 2018-2019, I served as the senator for the College of Engineering, Applied Science, & Technology.

I met so many new people including professors, students, faculty, student leaders on campus, and people from the community. I had perfect attendance to all the meetings, and even supported each of the other senators by attending their events. As a student senator, I got the opportunity to oversee and decide how various funds were spent at the university.

We passed an important resolution which aided the food pantry to receive a much-needed refrigerator. We listened carefully to the needs of the international students who were affected by various obstacles this year, and coordinated to provide them with answers, solutions, connections, and a luncheon. All the events that we helped with turned out to be huge successes, and we hope to be able to make next year even better.

As the Senator for the College of Engineering, Applied Science, & Technology, I will collaborate with the various clubs to organize events, pass legislation in the best interest of the students of our college, represent Weber State University and the college of E.A.S.T, and provide a voice for those who need it the most. I’m proud to be a student at Weber State University!

Trinity Wentling—College of Engineering, Applied Sciences & Technology


I played softball for Viewpoint High School. I was on the Robotics Team, and an officer for our MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievements) Club. I am a first-generation student studying to earn a degree in Computer Science. I am a part of the sorority Delta Chi Nu.

After I graduate from Weber State University, I plan to serve in the U.S. Air Force working with Cyber Security. My long term goal is to retire from the Air Force and work for NASA.

What I love about Weber State: amazing students, diversity, football games, advanced technology, challenging curriculum, greek life, beautiful scenery, caring professors, dances, endless opportunities.

Sierra Hart—College of Science Senator


Did you know that College of Science has its’ very own Student Senator? As a candidate for Student Senate, I understand that some of the greatest accomplishments come from working together- and encouraging diversity supports great ideas.

It would be a privilege support you and your individual needs, bridge the gap between administration and the student body and be a familiar face when you need an advocate. Your vote is your voice, make sure it’s heard.

Thaddeus Bean—College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Thaddeus Bean.jpg

As your senator, I will focus my efforts on involving students in campus and community activities related to their fields of study. I will help students network for their futures and spark interest in our college. I will represent our college on issues as they arise with knowledge and compassion.

Transparency and availability are important when helping individual students. I will accomplish work and counsel with others to create an inclusive, positive culture for our college. I look forward to working with you.

Sarah Giddens—Graduate Student Senator


I am running for the Graduate Student Senator position. After serving one year as the Student Assistant Director of WSUSA Clubs and Organizations I believe it is time for me to move forward in serving my school at a higher level. Background: I completed my undergraduate degree at Weber State University. I decided to pursue higher education at the graduate level.


1. I can commit to a full term as a representative for the graduate students at this university. You can count on me to be a representative of concerns and a fair advocate for all students at Weber State University.

2. As a nontraditional student at a nontraditional University I watched my peers move from different states and some struggled because they were unaware of the resources we have on campus. The biggest change I want to implement is to make a simple, engaging handout that can be given to/emailed to graduate students when they enroll and/or move here so they know what resources they have on campus and in the community.

Cydnee Green—Graduate Student Senator

Cydnee Green1.jpg

My name is Cydnee Green and I would love to serve as your Graduate Student Senator. After finishing my undergraduate degree in Communication, I chose to stay at Weber State and further my education in the Masters of Professional Communication program. Some of my goals as your legislator would be to advocate for early recruitment from Weber State undergraduate programs, and beyond.

I would like to work with the Graduate Council to provide honest testimonials of each program, as well as transparent curriculum requirements and admission procedures. It is also my plan to help the Graduate Council develop a Graduate Climate Survey to gauge students’ overall experiences at Weber State at the end of each year.

Student Senators hold town hall meetings monthly to speak with their constituents about issues and concerns they have within their degree of study. As a master’s student with a full-time job, evening classes and family obligations, I know how hard it can be to make designated meetings.

As your senator, I would like to implement virtual town halls where graduate students can submit their issues or concerns from their place of employment, their class or their home, instead of trying to fit an in-person meeting into their life schedule. John Templeton once said, “help yourself by helping others.”

There is power in asking for help; not weakness. Rarely does anyone achieve success on their own. The most successful people have a support system in place to help them through the rough patches. Elect me as your Graduate Student Senator, and let me be that support system. Together, we will be victorious.

William Angel—Hispanic Student Senator

William Angel1.jpg

Hi, my name is William Angel and I am running for Hispanic Senator at Weber State. I am Salvadorian-American. Both my parents migrated from El Salvador. The reason I am running for this position is to serve the Hispanic community on campus. When I am elected, I would make tutoring convenient and available for all students.

I would also make it more accessible by changing the hours of availability. May students work after class making current tutoring hours difficult to attend. Being an underrepresented student my self, I understand the cultural barriers in asking for help and I feel that removing any obstacle possible is going to be beneficial to the student body.

Salvador Ceja-Monroy—Hispanic Student Senator


My name is Salvador Ceja-Monroy, I am currently in my 3rd year here at Weber State University and I am majoring in political science and I am minoring in Spanish. I was born here in Ogden and graduated from Ogden High. If elected Hispanic Senator I hope to reach out to the Hispanic/Latino community here on campus and see what I can do to assist them.

To see how I can provide more resources for scholarships, tutoring, and any other resources that they may need. I hope to listen to their concerns and bring them up to the Senate or to the proper department that can help resolve. I plan to meet with my constituents and visit the clubs at least once a month that full under my constituency.

Furthermore, I want to empower my potential constituents who may be 1st generation students like myself. Since most of the Hispanic/Latino students on campus are 1st generation. As Senator I want to answer any questions they have or point them in the direction of those who can.

I will address the issue of how mental health is taboo in our culture and point them to the counseling resources on campus. I want to be a voice for my constituents, and I promise that I will put there interests first.

Andres Rodriguez—International Student Senator

My name is Andres Rodriguez; I am majoring in business administration. I am running for the position of international student senator because I am committed to being an advocate, guide, and leader for all the Asian, Latinos, Caribbean, European, African students.

I am concerned about promoting the ideas and issues from all the exchange and international students in order to get the best results with each case. I would like to work continuously improving our scholarships, limits of work, and insurance problems creating more opportunities and support for the entire Wildcats students that I will represent.

In addition, I would like to develop better environments, activities, and communication systems where all the students represented are able to be informed and every person can share their, traditions, cultures, and thoughts freely. As Martin Luther said “voting is the foundation stone for political actions” I value your support to this campaign.

Monique Ho Ching—Pacific Islander Student Senator

Monique Ho Ching.jpg

My name is Monique Ho Ching, and I am running to serve as Pacific Islander student Senate. I am an Art Major and have served as the Public Relations officer for the Pacific Islander Club at WSU since my enrollment in Spring of 2018. Majority of my work as a Public Relations officer, as well as an actively involved student has been focused on improving the quality of campus and the student experience.

My goals for the position of Pacific Islander student Senate are to provide my constituency with an active and participating voice and representation within the WSU government.

Andrew Frost—Traditional Student Senator

My name is Andrew Frost. I am seeking the position to represent my fellow traditional students as the Traditional Student Senator for WSUSA. As I near my graduation from Weber State, I feel that I am a great candidate for this position.

I bring experience as a member of WSUSA as a current and soon former Student Senator of the Residence Halls to better understand the needs/wants of traditional students. I have great ideas to stretch the quality college life experience Weber State students crave for.

I have passion to help students have stellar performance in the classroom and to open connections for them to make to prepare them for employment upon graduation. If you choose to elect me to this position, I will make sure that these qualities will be exercised to my full ability as your representative here at Weber State University.

Grayden Hollister—Veteran Student Senators

As a Student-Veteran, I would consider it an honor and a privilege to represent those of us on campus that have the same title, and do this alongside the other communities and organizations here at Weber State University.

We veterans bring with us a plethora of knowledge and experiences and if elected, I would like to bring that knowledge to aid the other organizations in representing this great university.

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