Here to help: Finding resources on campus

Emilee Atkinson

There are many resources available to every student. These even include WSU's new LGBT Resource Center which opened its doors for the first time last semester (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)
There are many resources available to every student. These even include WSU’s new LGBT Resource Center which opened its doors for the first time last semester (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)

University life can get difficult. There is a wide array of problems students could encounter on campus. Luckily, for nearly every problem there is a place students can go to fix it. Here’s a list to offer help:

Appointment Tutoring Center

Student Services Center, Room 160.

The center provides one-on-one time with certified tutors by appointment. According to the mission on their website, the tutoring center “builds student leaders through providing quality tutoring by certified tutors who encourage and guide students.” Asking for help might seem scary. However, the center is full of great tutors who help people every day.

“Everyone is nice down here,” freshman Brooke Nielson said. “It might seem scary working with a tutor you don’t know, but they do this every day.”

The tutoring center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Math Tutoring

Four locations: Student Services Center, Room 164; The Hub, Lampros Hall, main floor; Davis campus D2, Room 233; West Center, 5627 S. 3700 W., Roy.

Help with math is a common need at Weber State. These centers specialize in math tutoring and students don’t need an appointment. For math classes such as 810, 950, 990 and 1010, students can go to The Hub to get help from a tutor. For higher classes such as 1030 and above, students can go to the Solution Space in the Student Services Center. The Hub has varying hours that can be found on Weber State’s website. The Solution Center is open Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

Career Services

Student Services Center, Room 230.

The Career Services program provides unique help for students.

“It’s a hidden gem on campus,” junior Alyssa Simmons said.

The center offers everything from career counseling to resume reviews and mock interviews. The center is useful to students whether they’re just entering college, looking for work to support their education or leaving college and looking for a first job.

Career Services holds the Career Café every Wednesday, giving students the chance to participate in lab activities and talk with local employers. Their website features job postings for students.

Computer Labs

11 locations on three campuses.

There are seven computer labs around the Ogden campus, three on the Davis campus and one at the West Campus in Roy. On the main campus, computer labs are located in the Shepherd Union, Elizabeth Hall, the Social Science building, the Wattis Business building, the Marriott Health Center, the Science Lab and University Village. At Davis, they are in the Commons, the D3 Lounge and the Student Involvement and Leadership office.

Visit the computer lab website to find the hours and availability for computers in each building. Students can find the same information from an app called “WSU Labs App.” It’s available for iPhone, Android and Windows users.

Student Health Center

Student Services Center, Room 190.

The Student Health Center offers students cost-effective health services. All students who are registered for classes with a current WSU ID are able to visit. Insurance isn’t required for students to use the Health Center.

The Health Center also has a pharmacy that offers an array of medications from Tums to antibiotics, all at a cheap price.

LGBT Resource Center

Student Services Center, Room 154.

A new addition to the Student Services Center is the LGBT Resource Center. The center’s vision is “Celebrating the fullness of who you are, where you are.” The center’s mission is to “Cultivate a welcoming and safe environment for the LGBT community, their family, friends and allies through access learning and support.”

The LGBT Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Veterans Services

Annex 5, 1352 Village Drive.

Previously located in the Student Services Center, Veterans Services now has its own new building near Wildcat Village. Veterans Services offers academic and career counseling, GI Bill assistance, tutoring through Veterans Upward Bound and much more. The center’s website tells students about upcoming events and job openings.

Campus Recreation

Wildcat Center, Room 101.

Campus Recreation gives students easy access to tools they need for a healthy lifestyle. The outdoor program features rental gear, a rock climbing wall and many other adventures. A rental gear page on Campus Recreation’s website lists equipment from canoes to snowshoes that the public or WSU students can rent for a good price.

Counseling and Psychological Services Center

Student Services Center, Room 280

Another hidden resource on campus is the Counseling and Psychological Services Center. Students who visit the center can meet with a mental health professional within a few weeks. The mission of the CPS center is “to enhance the psychological growth and development of the diverse Weber State University community.” They offer relaxation and meditation groups, workshops, short-term counseling for individuals, couples and families and many other services.

Stress Relief Center

Swenson Building, second floor in rooms 60 and 61

The Stress Relief Center helps students better understand their stress, where it comes from and how to handle it. Students can drop in anytime the center is open for help. Testimonials on the center’s website show that the SRC is a helpful resource.