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Breanna Hart former editor-in-chief and copy chief of The Signpost.

Thank you for the memories: My time at WSU and The Signpost

Breanna Hart, Editor at Large April 9, 2024

If 18-year-old Breanna could see where current, 23-year-old Breanna is, she would probably have a heart attack. The past four and a half years have been a crazy whirlwind of changes and experiences that...

Staff member Kennedy Camarena.

What I wish I knew when I started at Weber State

March 26, 2024

Writers: 2024 senior students in The Signpost and Studio 76 Every senior at Weber State University has been a new student at some point. Whether they started their freshman year or transferred later...

WSU President Brad Mortensen addressing students about tuition increases and other Weber State matters.

WSU updates from President Mortensen

Parham Kermani, Reporter November 30, 2023

On Nov. 10, Weber State University faculty and staff met for a university-wide town hall meeting where President Brad Mortensen introduced Laís Martinez, from the Utah System of Higher Education, as the...

A student entering the learning center located on the first floor of Tracy Hall in room 101 in 2017.

Resources for new and returning students

Star Neil, Section Editor October 24, 2023

Math and English placement testing is currently free to all students at Weber State through Dec. 9. This is one of multiple ways Weber State plans to help new and returning students successfully integrate...

A fake $100 hanging on the doorway into the Money Management Center.

Un billete de cien dólares falso colgado en la puerta del centro de gestión de dinero.

Oportunidades de becas de la universidad Weber State

Mariano Martinez Martinez, Traductor October 24, 2023

Los estudiantes de Weber State University tienen muchas oportunidades para recibir ayuda financiera. Esta puede venir de una serie de lugares, incluyendo becas de WSU, becas privadas y ayuda gubernamental. Las...

A quiet Saturday afternoon at the J. Willard Health Science building. (Norlito Ranchez - The Signpost)

Se ofrece dinero para la carrera: las becas departamentales

Nathanael Stout, Traductor October 24, 2023

Cada año, la universidad Weber State da millones de dólares de becas a las estudiantes. Un porcentaje de este dinero viene de las becas departamentales, pero muchos estudiantes no saben de estos recursos...

A sign near the entrance of the Student Services building pointing visitors to the location of the Financial Aid office and Registration services.

Un letrero por la entrada del edificio de servicios estudiantiles que señala la ubicación del oficio de apoyo financiero y los servicios de registración.

Scholarship opportunities at WSU

McKinna Baird, Reporter October 24, 2023

New and seasoned Weber State University students have plenty of opportunities to receive financial aid. This can come from a number of places including WSU scholarships, private scholarships and government...

The lit up W can be seen from Bell Tower Plaza after the 2022 Light the W event.

Encendiendo una tradición

Mariano Martinez Martinez, Traductor October 12, 2023

Weber State University celebró su evento anual "Light the W" (“Ilumina la W”) en la Plaza Stewart Bell Tower el 9 de octubre, de 6 a 8 p.m. Wildcats de todos los rincones de WSU se reunieron para...

The panoramic view from Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park.

How to travel as a student

Megan Swann, Asst. Culture Editor September 28, 2023

Last spring, I bought tickets for a concert I would have to travel out-of-state for. The concert was set for Sept. 13, and everything seemed great, except for one small detail: I would be on a camping...

The Yellowstone River running through a picnic area in Yellowstone National Park.

Cómo viajar siendo estudiante

Daniela Imbrett, Traductor September 28, 2023

La primavera pasada compré entradas para un concierto para el que tendría que viajar fuera del estado. El concierto estaba programado para el 13 de septiembre y todo parecía estupendo, excepto por un...

A group of students gather around the Transportation Security Administration booth to discover their services and benefits.

Oportunidades de voluntariado para estudiantes

Mariano Martinez Martinez, Traductor September 28, 2023

Muchos estudiantes de Weber State University necesitan registrar horas como voluntarios para ciertas clases. Existen muchas opciones alrededor de Ogden para poder hacer esto. El Centro de Naturaleza...

A server at the Noorda Engineering and Technology building on campus.

Connection: Not found

McKinna Baird, Reporter September 21, 2023

At the beginning of the fall 2023 semester, Weber State University students were frustrated with ongoing Wi-Fi problems. According to Jonathan Karras, networking and communications manager at WSU, the...

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