#happywildcat looking to put a smile on students’ faces

(Source: Weber State University Campus Recreation Facebook Page.)

Walking out of the Wildcat Center for Health Education and Wellness, students don’t expect to be handed presents or flowers. In reality, that is exactly what happens at least once a month, and on these gifts, in the form of a sticker, is a hashtag.

#happywildcat is the newest social media connection for Campus Recreation. Their Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account is loaded with motivational quotes, upcoming events and photos of the gifts being passed out as a part of #happywildcat.

Emily Davidson, marketing and operations coordinator for Campus Recreation and one of the creative minds behind #happywildcat, said that the idea came from wanting to do something to make students on campus happy.

“We wanted to branch out and provide a little happiness for students. We decided to do small things each month to bring a smile to students,” Davidson said. “We try to do something unexpected that will stop students for a minute and get them out of the funk of everyday school work.”

In December, members of Campus Recreation handed out wrapped presents as students came from the gym. In February, 150 carnation flowers were passed out to students. In March, they are planning to hand out gold coins to promote the upcoming Leprechaun Dash.

Chandra Muhlestein, the marketing and operations intern who helped created the hashtag with Davidson, said by passing out gifts and flowers they are trying to reach students through every avenue possible.

“We call them Happiness Days, but I’m sure the students call it the day crazy people hand out stuff at the gym,” Muhlestein said.

The goal of the hashtag is to increase student awareness of the recreation center and get them involved. “’Come and play with us’ is our motto,” Muhlestein said when talking about the goals of the program. “We want students to feel like they can come to the gym.”

Both Davidson and Muhlestein hope that the hashtag will grow and become a commonly used hashtag on campus that students use to share their daily joys at Weber State University.