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Dried and cracked salt flats formed from the dried up areas of the Great Salt Lake.

The drying times of The Great Salt Lake

Hunter Lindsey, Reporter November 3, 2022

The once “Great” Salt Lake is dying, the Utah Division of Wildlife Services revealed in a report. The report notes that the lake has lost 44% of its surface area since 1875. DWR also estimates water...

Grace Hopper was a prominent figure in computer programming. The Grace Murray Hopper Award was named after her and is given to people 35 or younger who have made great contributions to computer science.

Get with the program!

Alma Bell, Reporter October 25, 2022

In an online seminar held on Oct. 19, Janet Abbate, a Virginia Tech professor of science, technology and society, spoke on how gender has shaped opportunities in the workforce over the decades. During...

Masood Parvania, associate professor at the University of Utah and the director of Utah Smart Energy Laboratory, gave a seminar on Oct. 5 about sustainable energy.

A shocking seminar

Coby Crisler, Reporter October 13, 2022

On Oct. 5, attendees gathered as professors from the University of Utah dove into a seminar, titled “Charging Infrastructure for Electrified Transportation,” to discuss a future of clean, sustainable...

Elizabeth Sandquist explains the process on how they perform and analyze their research on the zebrafish. (Anna Kuglar/The Signpost)

A fish-eye view on stem cells

Alma Bell, Reporter September 29, 2022

Weber State University hosted a neuroscience seminar on Sept. 23 as part of an ongoing lecture series. Elizabeth Sandquist, assistant professor of zoology and neuroscience, led the seminar and explored...

Students listening as the different speakers give advice about entering different science career fields.

Job Info Jamboree

Aaron Lowe, Reporter September 27, 2022

Students received the opportunity to learn about different jobs on campus in the “Jobs You Didn’t Know You Wanted” lecture series. The series started with its first installment on Sept. 23 and will...

The brand-new Miller Advanced Research and Solutions Center, or MARS, primarily focuses on aerospace advancement.

MARS: The Miller’s mission

Hunter Lindsey, Reporter September 27, 2022

This fall semester is the inaugural semester of the brand-new Miller Advanced Research and Solutions Center, or MARS. The center cut the ribbon this summer and was funded in large part by a donation from...

The building blocks of the brain

Lexie Andrew March 13, 2022

As part of Brain Awareness Week, Weber State University's neuroscience program hosted the Build Your Brain event at the Treehouse Museum on March 10 and 12. During this event, children were taught all...

Dr. James Mahoney III, associate professor and clinical neuropsychologist, spoke about neuromodulation as an adjunction treatment for substance use disorder during the Oct. 26 lecture series. (Weber State University) Photo credit: Weber State University

More than a character flaw: The science behind addiction

Rebecca Baggett November 1, 2021

In observing Opioid Awareness Week, Weber State University's Neuroscience department hosted a presentation titled "Neuromodulation as an Adjunctive Treatment for Substance Disorder" on Oct. 26. The lecture...

Weber State University instructor Blair Newbold shows students from Roy High School around the electric vehicle garage at Weber States Davis Campus on Sept. 17. Photo credit: Weber State University

Going electric with automotive mechanics

Claire Young October 25, 2021

The Automotive Strategic Workforce Initiative at Weber State University is a new program designed to prepare automotive and engineering students to operate on electric and hybrid vehicles in the workforce.The...

Cryptocurrency is here to stay. Photo credit: Pixabay

Cryptocurrency: What it is and how to use it

Noah Lutman June 21, 2021

“Crypto, the best money we’ve ever had,” is a quote many may have been hearing lately. The advent of the cryptocurrency revolution has brought stories of fortunes made and lost with...

The first cohort graduating with the Doctorate of Nursing Practice gathers together on Zoom for presentations. Photo credit: Holly Wright

The first group of Doctor of Nursing Practice program prepares to lead the future

Caitlyn Nichols April 5, 2021

Weber State University’s first doctoral program, the Doctor of Nursing Practice, began in fall 2019. This spring, 12 students make up the first cohort to graduate with this high-level degree. According...

Snow covers a bridge located at the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve. The preserve is a bird refuge located in the wetlands just off the Great Salt Lake in Layton, Utah. (Sarah Earnshaw/ The Signpost) Photo credit: Sarah Earnshaw

The lights are going out in the Great Salt Lake

Sarah Earnshaw March 29, 2021

The Great Salt Lake is drying up, and it’s only going to get lower as more and more people move to Utah. This was discussed in a public forum by Weber State’s Walker Institute on March 23 in...

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