MARS: The Miller’s mission

The brand-new Miller Advanced Research and Solutions Center, or MARS, primarily focuses on aerospace advancement.

This fall semester is the inaugural semester of the brand-new Miller Advanced Research and Solutions Center, or MARS. The center cut the ribbon this summer and was funded in large part by a donation from the Larry H Miller & Gail Miller Family Foundation.

The MARS Center is located in Clearfield, near the west gate of Hill Air Force Base. The center focuses primarily on aerospace advancement, but is also home to government departments and aids with national security.

The Department of Defense and the Department of Energy will both be present to work alongside students. Entry into the center is by appointment only, and access must be given by the individual with whom an appointment is scheduled.

The center will be able to provide a more hands-on experience for students interested in aerospace or national security manufacturing.

The hope is that the center will also become a hub where small businesses and entrepreneurs with big dreams can collaborate together and work on projects to completion. This may also help students with networking and finding employment post-graduation.

It is reported that the Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative has a research and development center for missile and energy research in the MARS Center.

Time will tell the effect the building has on the Weber State student experience, the economy and growth of Utah’s economy, specifically in the tech and defense fields.

It is speculated that the center will be able to bring students, faculty, the community and government together all in one place.

The MARS Center marks a continuing expansion of the university. Some other recent additions to campus include the Computer & Automotive Engineering Building on Davis Campus, the Noorda Engineering, Applied Science & Technology Building and the Engineering Technology Building will be receiving a remodel.