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Playin' On Purple- Slow Pitch Softball

At the beginning of school all co-workers, friends from school, and professors ask ‘How was your summer?’ or ‘What did you do with your summer?’ Everyone always gives the same old generic answers like ‘Summer was good’ or ‘All I did was work and party.’ These were not my answers.

My answers would be ‘My summer was amazing’ and ‘I worked and played softball.’ I spent my entire summer in a ball park with friends and family. I played slow pitch softball four different nights of the week on four different teams. That does not include any tournaments I got picked up for.

Monday night was a women’s only team. We performed alright. I did not know any of the other ladies on the team at the beginning of the summer.

Tuesday night was our family co-ed team. Both of my brothers played, my mother, my cousin, and an old family friend who should be my brother all played, hence the family team. We were team Shake-n-bake and we kicked butt.

Wednesday was the worst team I played on. An old but great friend from high school asked me to play and I agreed. This team got run ruled every single game. We did not mesh the best as a team but we pulled through alright in the end.

Thursday night was probably my favorite teams to play with (no offense to the other teams all of them were great). I knew a few people on the team from high school. We play really well together as a team and we just have strait up wholesome fun with the game but, at the same time taking the competition seriously. This summer we dominated the league. We won league champions back to back and we have the shirts to prove it (Baleed-Dat!).

I played in a few tournaments here and there over the weekends and all were a blast. My favorite would have to be the all-nighter. Our first game was at 8:00 p.m. and our last game was at 3:45 a.m. We played all night, strait through. Yes, Red Bull was a great friend that night. It was a blast and totally worth it.

People who say ‘It’s only slow pitch softball’ are dead wrong.  It’s not only slow pitch. There is something about slow pitch that is so much better than baseball and fast pitch. People, me included, take the game seriously but at the same time we know the game is fun and low stress. It’s a very competitive atmosphere and a very unique one. Because of the fun, low stress, and competitive atmosphere it makes the game that much easier to play.

I truly wish that I could explain how and why slow pitch is so amazing but I can’t there are no words for it. But I can guarantee anybody who has played good competitive slow pitch can testify that there is something special there. They will know the feeling I am talking about.

I would not have wanted my summer to be any different. I did not realize how much I enjoyed playing the game until after all the leagues had ended. I found out you don’t realize how much you love something until it’s gone.

I still play slow pitch on two and a half teams right now in the fall leagues that are going on. Although I have cut back my softball playing I still love the game. I have also realized that I am addicted to it. I play on Monday nights and Tuesday mornings I wish I was back in the ball park and the three days till my next game on Thursday seem to last an eternity. I am addicted to slow pitch softball and the good times and great friends it has brought me. You can think I am crazy but I know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

The fall season is almost over and I am at a loss on how to fill up my evenings this winter. I will be having some serious withdrawals and begging for springtime so I can be back in the ball park.

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