Haunted attractions in Ogden

Ogden's Haunted Hollow starts in an underground cave.
Ogden’s Haunted Hollow starts in an underground cave. Haunted Hollow is just one of many haunted attractions in the Ogden area. (Photo from Haunted Hollow Facebook page)

We are two weeks into October, and if you haven’t been to a haunted house yet, you are missing out. The Ogden area is filled with haunted attractions that run through the month.

During October, you could go on a date or go see a movie, or you could follow the suggestion of Adam Clayton, general manager of Ogden’s Haunted Hollow, and go to a haunted house and have a good scare.

Some of the most unique haunts in the area can be found within 20 minutes of Weber State’s campus.

Castle of Chaos

On Riverdale Road, Castle of Chaos is just 10 minutes from campus. It is indoors and takes about half an hour to go through.

The appeal here is the four levels of fear during the walk-through. The first is called “Monsters Be Gone,” which keeps the monsters out of your personal space. This is recommended for children or first-time haunt-goers.

Other levels move up in scares from general admission to a hands-on experience in which the monsters can pick you up and drag you away.

The price ranges from $18-$25, and is open Monday through Saturday from 7:10-10 p.m. and midnight on weekends.

1134 W. Riverdale Road, Riverdale
(385) 216-8915

Nightmare Acres

In Syracuse, Black Island Farms hosts Nightmare Acres, a haunted corn maze. Starting out in a barn and moving on to the field, this haunt displays a wide variety of scares.

Black Island Farms has other events on site, including a hay ride that leads to pumpkin patches, where each ticket gives riders a free pumpkin.

Also on site are family-friendly corn mazes and a “farmtastic” courtyard, where families can play on hay bales, pet animals and slide down tube slides.

The price for Nightmare Acres is $16 and is open Thursday through Saturday from 7 p.m. to midnight. Discounts can be found at Maverick gas stations.

3178 S. 3000 W., Syracuse
(801) 825-6236


Screamatorium is located in Ogden at the Newgate Mall. This haunt utilizes water features to create an eerie effect and constant shifting floors to keep you on your toes.

Attendant Caroleigh Coles likes the variations of rooms in the haunted house. “They made me feel lost and confused and alone,” she said.

Admittance to Screamatorium is $20 and is open 6 p.m. to midnight everyday. Screamatorium is closed on Sundays.

36th Street & Wall Avenue, Ogden
(801) 621-1161

Haunted Hollow

Located just outside downtown Ogden, Haunted Hollow is one of the more unique haunts in town. This haunt starts in underground caves filled with spiders and swamps and leads people outside into the haunted forest.

Haunted Hollow is advertised as the world’s largest haunt, and it takes about an hour to walk through. This means the haunt is packed with plenty of scares, including zombies, clowns, werewolves and chainsaws.

Adam Clayton is the general manager of Haunted Hollow. He believes the dynamic nature of the haunt is what sets it apart.

“We are different because we are in a swamp. When you walk through, you’re in an eerie place. Half the forest is dying and massive trees have fallen,” Clayton said.

The mood of the forest was already there, and he builds the set to add to it each year.

Senior Zach Harris goes to Haunted Hollow every year. “It’s cool how it’s outside. It adds a natural effect,” he said. Harris likes the newest feature this year, a haunted pirate ship that sits on the swamp.

Haunted Hollow costs $20 and is open Wednesday through Saturday from 7:30 p.m. to midnight. Students can get $4 off for bringing their Wildcards.

1550 S. 1900 W., Ogden
(801) 603-2231