Playin' On Purple — Fantasy leagues add to football admiration

There is a lot that happens when the National Football League is in season. There are the actual games each Thursday, Sunday and Monday night for six months. Then you have the weekly predictions. Then you have fantasy football. The fun side-games that come along with the NFL season contribute to a deeper admiration for the league.

The NFL is more than just big, strong, athletic men; it is all the back-side activities that add extra fun to the football season. My mother, every week, sends in her weekly picks to The Standard-Examiner. She (more often than not, with the help of my father and brothers) will attempt to pick the winner of each NFL game that is played. The Standard-Examiner also lets you try to predict whether the Utah universities will win or lose.

She writes out her predictions on our long, slim grocery lists and sets them out so everyone can help her track how well she does. I think she only watches the Sunday night game to double-check who won the game and how she (we) did on hers (our) predictions.

My mom has more fun making her predictions and tracking them than actually watching the game. My mom is not the only one who does this. There are a lot of people who are faithful in submitting their predictions. Even if they are not submitted, everyone has made picks in their heads.

My mom may only watch the games to see who won which game, but she still watches it and pays better attention to each game.

There is also fantasy football. I have only ever been in one fantasy football league. Last year, The Signpost office did league. I did not really care about it. I barely remembered my login for the league. All I remember about the league is that Joe Flacco was my quarterback and I had the Ravens’ defense. I love the Ravens, so I just stacked my team with all their players.

Just because I did not really get into my league does not mean that people don’t. My brothers track their leagues on their phones the entire weekend. They are in leagues with their co-workers, and all I know is that a lot of smack is spoken each week.

I have had people tell me that, because of their fantasy football leagues, they have gotten more into the actual games. They will watch and pick out the athletes they have on their fantasy team. They will track the players’ movements, success and failures. They become more aware of what is going on in each game.

NFL football is supposed to be fun and entertaining. If it takes a fantasy football league or weekly predictions to get into the season and enjoy it, I say go for it! If you like the league already, join in the side-games to get more into it. I don’t think you could ever be too obsessed with football.