Football team feeds from band's energy

For Michael Crookston, there is no better moment as a member of Weber State University’s marching band than when he is on the football field performing the school song after a home victory.

The football players are there too, with helmets held high and voices bellowing the chorus.

“That’s a really exciting feeling,” Crookston said, “to really feel like you’re part of the team at the end of the win and know that you contributed to the energy.”

Crookston — a music education major and percussionist — provides feedback during rehearsals from the pit of WSU’s drum-line. He’s performed since high school, where there were stark differences.

“College is very much ‘rah, rah!’ kind of crowd-pleasing, play-to-the-stands kind of thing,” Crookston said. “High school marching band . . . is a lot more like musical theater on a football field. They’re quite different in their fundamental approach to a show, but they’re both lots and lots of fun.”

A member of WSU’s marching band performs at halftime of the football team’s 49-17 victory over Sacramento State University Saturday night. The band will perform at each of the remaining home games.