Mikelle Kap Profile

Redshirting last year, starting at the beginning of this year and now cheering on the bench, Mikelle Kapp is still a vital part of Weber State University’s volleyball team. In a game earlier this season against the University of Nebraska, Kapp injured her knee.

“It was hard because I had just gotten back from the same injury,” Kapp said. “But I knew that it could be worse, and that it was not the end of the world.” Even though Kapp has had this setback, she said it just makes her want to work harder towards getting back in shape. “It just makes me want it even more,” Kapp said. “I want to practice harder and get in shape. I knew that my team would be there to support me.” Just because Kapp can’t contribute on the court, does not mean that she does not contribute in other areas. “She is a big part of our team in any case, but it’s hard not to see her on the floor,” Head Coach Tom Peterson said. “She is still cheering them on. She is one of the leaders on the bench encouraging and inspiring us all.” It’s important to still be a member of the team and help out teammates because of the team atmosphere, Kapp said. “When we started this new season, we were big on the fact that our team is a family,” she said. “I know that even though I’m not playing, I’m still a part of our team family.” Captain Caitlin Penrod said that Kapp’s contributions off-court are loved, but she is still missed on the court. “In terms of ball control and morale on the court, she is definitely missed,” Penrod said. “She brought leadership, intensity and passion on to the court, and those are things that we need more of, and she was just full of it.” Off the court, Kapp is still the same fun, bouncy, loud, person she is on the court, Penrod said. “She is honestly the same person on and off the court,” she said. “She is fun, loud and funny. She is just as supportive and just as competitive and intense. What you see on the court, is Mikelle in every aspect of her life.” Penrod shared a story about Kapp’s perseverance. Kapp is one of the shortest players on the team. The Wildcats were once down a middle blocker (tallest people on the team), and Kapp stepped up to the challenge to fill in that position. Kapp was screaming and yelling and really made her presence known. She intimidated the attacking player and ended up scoring a point for the Wildcats. Kapp said she is in full support of the team and tries to keep its players boosted because she really wants them to be confident. “I think with our girls being so young, a lot of them aren’t as confident as they should be,” Kapp said. “They really are amazing players. They need to know that they can win.” Kapp has recently had surgery on her knee and is still recovering and getting back in shape. Peterson said that he is excited for what she will continually have going for her. Peterson said, “She has been wonderful, and I think she is going to go great places in life because of who she is.”