KWCR Album of the Week: Nothing, 'Guilty of Everything'

Maybe it’s because I’m used to Relapse Records producing metal albums, or maybe it’s because the lyrics to Nothing’s album, “Guilty of Everything,” were misleading, but I was totally hoping Nothing was more aggressive. I am not disappointed in what I’ve discovered, though. This album is a gem among dirty stones.

The lyrics are what first caught my attention. Each track is like poetry when read aloud. “Bent Nail,” Track 3 on the album, has some of the most haunting words. “The breeze and scent stay far away / I’m caught between a beggar’s teeth / Buried in the wilted roses and the pregnant weeds . . .” But what is possibly even deeper than the actual words themselves is how Nothing captures and releases them back to the listener.

Dripping with shoegaze, Nothing is really stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to finding their niche amongst metal fans. With elements similar to Young Widows, but even more to Deafheaven, Nothing’s debut album is soothing, but can rock like the ocean. The guitar work, as well as the vocals, are ethereal and distorted to the max. The subgenre of doomglaze is most proper when describing Nothing to your musically inclined friends.

My favorite track on the album is No. 8, “B&E,” for its smooth intro and flawless vocal appearance. However, if I may say this, every song on this album is strikingly similar, following a distinct pattern of heavy-smooth-vocals-drums-smooth-heavy-smooth and so on.

I really enjoyed listening to “Guilty of Everything,” but I’m afraid it’s not aggressive enough to be a favorite. All the rawness and dirt is there, but none of the anger. Before too many indie bands capitalize on the heavy crowd, I really hope Nothing’s “Guilty of Everything” can gain itself a decent following.

Album gets 3.5 stars.