Wilson addresses students on State of the Association

(Photo by Hailey Mayes) WSU student body president David Wilson expresses how he feels about WSU’s accomplishments in the State of the Association Address.

For the first time in four years, Weber State University had a State of the Association Address during the weekly student senate meeting Monday.

Student body president David Wilson gave the speech, which was meant to be similar to the United States’ Presidential State of the Union Address. Wilson highlighted the accomplishments and events of the WSU Student Association so far this year.

Wilson emphasized the endeavors of the vice presidents he works with, including Trevor Annis (service), Tessa Diamond (leadership), Alex Grimes (clubs and organizations), Lola Moli (diversity), Courtney Woodfield (programming) and Alexis Marquez (Davis campus).

Wilson went on to highlight the importance of the WSU student senators.

“The semester this year started up a little bit slow . . . but where we started off slow, I feel like we really made up for, and hit the ground running for the rest of the semester,” he said.

Wilson said Homecoming was a big success. He spoke about the lighting of the ‘W’ on the mountain, focusing on the students and the return of Homecoming Royalty with the help of WSU alumni. He then described the student-initiated Wildcat Center in the Stromberg Gym Complex, which began in the student senate with senate president Brady Harris.

“I love it, I think it’s awesome,” Wilson said. “I walk into that building and I’m filled with more Wildcat pride than I ever have before walking into that gym.”

The use of WeberSync has also dramatically increased through Grimes. According to Wilson, WeberSync allows students to grow more connected to WSU by finding ways to participate in their interests on campus.

Grimes said having information readily available to students is one of his priorities. “I think, personally, being an information systems and technologies major, my whole focus is to provide information as freely or as frequently as possible.” He discussed how making registration more streamlined and electronic, changing the website and emphasizing WeberSync were the things he was most proud of.

The student and staff renovation of the Student Involvement and Leadership Office also came up. “I think (it’s) really, really activating the space,” Wilson said. “If you guys were familiar with (it) last year, it wasn’t that no one was friendly, no one talked . . . it’s just that the space now allows for a lot of interaction.” Wilson said the ping-pong table in the office was a good recruiting tool for the association.

Moli said that, when looking back on the year so far, she was most grateful to her team. “What I’m most proud of is that my team does their events . . . It’s really great to know that I have a team that integrates diversity into their busy schedules.”

The address highlighted Annis for his implementation of the policy that includes leftover Sodexo food on campus being taken to St. Anne’s Homeless Shelter.

Wilson also stated many projects are currently in the works. One such project is the Wildcat Choice Awards, which will highlight local businesses that show WSU pride.

“There are a lot of those unsung heroes . . . that give us their support by decorating their stores or by letting their employees wear purple shirts,” Wilson said. “You walk in, and you realize you’re in Wildcat country.”