Farmers market sends off summer

(Photo by Kaitlin blah blah)
(Photo by Kaitlynn Schneiter)

Organic, homegrown, homemade, handmade the Ogden City Farmers Market on Historic 25th Street has it. From Wall Avenue to Washington Boulevard, local vendors set up shop to offer their wide range of products, from fresh produce and baked goods to jewelry, clothing and art.

The aroma of freshly ground coffee and toasted almonds wafted among the action and activity. Sydnee Wise from Layton sat in front of the Beans and Brews booth as she sipped on her pumpkin spice latte and ate a fresh bagel with cream cheese.

“It’s really more for the vibe everyone has here that makes it so fun,” Wise said. “Look around; everyone is smiling and happy to be out on this beautiful Saturday morning around other happy people. It’s a refreshing change after a long work week.”

Toward the busier end of the market, booths were set up on both sides of the sidewalk, where people stopped for a taste-tester of homemade mozzarella cheese or to sip on freshly squeezed lemonade.

“The farmers market is an awesome place to get such a wide variety of baked goods,” said Shaye Wiberg, a junior at Weber State University, holding up a cleanly iced cinnamon roll the size of her head. “It’s a love triangle for me, the environment, food and people. And honestly, how could you pass up this cinnamon roll?”

A man wearing a leather cowboy hat sat in a tall chair next to multiple displays of jewelry. All different shapes, sizes and colors of polished rocks were displayed on black felt boards, each with a piece of opal attached to it.

“You could say I am an opal nut,” said Tony Thurber of Ogden. “My father was an opal cutter, and since I was a boy I have always loved it 50 years I’ve been doing it now.”

Thurber said he has been all over the United States selling his jewelry, but prefers to stay local.

“When (you) travel and set up and don’t sell anything, it reminds you how much nicer it is to come here, because it’s only a couple minutes away. I love it, though; that’s why I do it.”

Paul Tribe of Paul’s Garden said he also has a true love for what he does.

“If I didn’t like to grow stuff, the amount of money I make wouldn’t keep me doing it. It is a passion; it has to be. I don’t think anyone could do this. The amount of work it requires, even small scale, just doesn’t make economic sense, but I like it. I enjoy growing things, and it’s fun to see people enjoy buying what I grow.”

Tribe said he has been coming to the Ogden City Farmers Market for the past eight years. His tables are full of organic produce, including tomatoes, peppers and zucchini.

As the season is changing and Tribe is reaching the end of his summer harvest, the Ogden City Farmers Market is also wrapping up. Sept. 28 was the last Saturday the event was held for 2013.