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The Jex Dex: My take on college football

Now that many of us have rejoiced in the fact that the college football season is finally upon us, we now have an excuse to lay around all day Saturday, flipping through channels to see who may become the next “Johnny Football” or “Northern Illinois Huskies.”

After the first week, some great things have already happened. The Goliaths seemed to struggle against the Davids, as many Football Championship Subdivision teams had great success against the bigger schools in the Football Bowl Subdivision. Those teams left not only with a win but also a big paycheck, some up as high as $350,000. It truly is great to see the little guys show fight and not just lay down and go home with a big paycheck. As great as that first week was, I still have a bad taste in my mouth stemming from things that happened.

I understand that college kids want to get paid to play the sport they love and have worked so hard at. But for me, whenever I hear that topic, it just makes me kinda sick inside. Yes, the universities make tons and tons of money off the players as they put them on posters and whatever else they can get their hands on. But what about the education the players don’t have to pay for?

The tuition at the University of South Carolina for an out-of-state student is over $14,000. I have heard the argument that some players need money so their parents can see them play, but would their child be able to get an education from that school without that scholarship?

I just feel some conferences, coaches and players feel entitled. As Coach Shaw of Stanford University has been quoted as saying, the NCAA should worry more about graduation rates than how much to pay the players.

I don’t like Johnny Manziel. Wait, let me rephrase that: I love the way that he plays the game; his style and elusiveness don’t come around that often. But I don’t like the way he has handled himself on and off the field, and I don’t see him as a great role model. Since he led Texas A&M to a Cotton Bowl victory over the University of Oklahoma last winter, he has been one of the most watched and controversial people on Twitter and other social networks.

Then the saga hit where brokers came out with the information that he was paid for signing autographs, which has never been proven. But if the NCAA suspends him for a half of one game for an unspecified reason, I bet the University of Miami wishes their case would move a bit quicker, like Manziel’s did.

Manziel has to be aware that everyone and their dog is going to taunt him for the rest of his time in college football, but it doesn’t seem like he is handling it very well. Even his coach had to pull him out of the game to teach him a lesson. I know, people will say, “Let Johnny be Johnny,” but someday, someone has to hold him accountable. Or who knows — in a few weeks, if he burns the Alabama defense for a few touchdowns, his past will be forgotten and he will be the hero once again.

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