Campus CNG fueling station open to public

Weber State University hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate a compressed natural gas filling station on the south side

(Source: A new CNG natural fueling station located on 4748 Old Post Rd. is open for operation. This is the third CNG station located in Ogden.

of WSU’s Ogden campus. The event took place Wednesday morning, and notable people who attended the event included Ogden City Mayor Mike Caldwell, WSU President Ann Millner and Dave Hardman, president of the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce.

Located at 4748 Old Post Rd., just west of University Village, the self-serve station is now open to the public year-round, 24 hours per day, and takes credit cards only. Both the station and the location are intended to benefit the university and those in the Ogden community.

“We’ve been trying in Utah to have CNG stations, especially located across the I-15 corridor, and so this was a big gap in the system that needed to be filled,” said Jennifer Bodine, sustainability coordinator for WSU. “It’s exciting that we get it by our university.”

Natural gas is a clean-burning and less-expensive alternative to gasoline, and so all of WSU’s shuttle bus fleet runs on CNG. All new vehicles purchased by WSU are required to be at least a hybrid of CNG/gas. Bodine said having the new filling station so close to the university will help to cut back on both costs and emissions. Before this station was built, the closest CNG filling station was on 12th St. in Ogden.

“Now we’re going a block away (to refuel) versus clear across town,” Bodine said.

This is the third CNG fueling station in Ogden. It is operated by Questar.