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News Quiz 01/25

Doomsday Clock

1. In what state was a pastor arrested for opening up his church to homeless people during cold weather?
a. New York
b. Ohio
c. Utah
d. Pennsylvania

2. What was the name of the prominent Weber State University figure who passed away on Jan. 14?
a. Ada Lindquist
b. Ann Millner
c. Brad Mortensen
d. Dean Hurst

3. A high-speed electric train system was approved for $2.5 billion more in bonds. What two areas does the rail system run between?
a. Las Vegas and Southern California
b. New York City to Washington, D.C.
c. Salt Lake City to Denver
d. Denver to Vegas

4. The Doomsday Clock was changed on Jan. 23 to how long til midnight?
a. Two hours
b. Three minutes
c. Eight hours
d. 90 minutes

1. The answer is B, Ohio. According to NPR, the Ohio pastor was criminally charged with zoning law violations after allowing homeless people into his church. The pastor is now suing the city over these allegations.

2. The answer is D, Dean Hurst. According to The Standard, Dean Hurst, a WSU graduate and former staff member who left a big mark on the university, passed away on Jan. 14 at the age of 97. Hurst is credited with raising funds to build the Dee Events Center and the Stewart Bell Tower, among many others.

3. The answer is A, Las Vegas and Southern California. According to KSL, the proposed high-speed railway between the two major regions, which was already given $4 billion this past year, is being given $2.5 billion more. The train is said to move at 186 mph or more.

4. The answer is D, 90 minutes. According to AP News, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist changed the famous Doomsday Clock, which is supposed to calculate the time before a catastrophic world-ending event, has been set to 90 minutes until midnight, which is the closest the clock has ever been set.

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