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Police Blotter 10/17

Red and blue police lights on top of a police patrol car.

Eyes that follow you

On Oct. 4 at around 2 p.m., the Weber State University Police Department was dispatched to a suspicious incident at the Swenson Gym.

The woman who made the complaint told police that a man had been watching her while she worked out. She also reported how she noticed the man consistently came to the gym at the same times that she and her husband did, emphasizing how this wasn’t the first time she had felt like the man was watching her.

The complainant didn’t want the police to confront the man and instead requested that the incident be filed on record, saying she just wanted to have the report documented in case her predicament turned into a more concerning situation.

WSUPD provided aid to the complainant by discussing a safety plan she could follow and was told to contact the police again if the situation escalated.

A fresh coat of paint

During the early evening of Oct. 5, WSUPD responded to an incident in Wildcat Village’s parking lot. A student reported that he had found specks of paint splattered across the side of his vehicle.

After investigating paint on the ground nearby and examining surveillance footage, WSUPD found that another student had been painting their car while it was parked next to the complainant’s vehicle. While painting their car, the student had dropped the paint bucket or painting utensil, causing paint to splatter onto the complainant’s car.

WSUPD is currently mediating the situation between the two parties with the purpose of settling the incident through civil means.

Unfruitful behavior

While on patrol at University Village on Oct. 8 around 1 a.m., a WSUPD officer noticed that a partial inedible watermelon had been left outside a dorm room. Standing at the end of the hall, the officer could hear people loudly conversing inside the dorm room.

Upon making contact with the residents of the dorm room, they explained that the residents from a different nearby dorm room had been repeatedly leaving the watermelon at their door. When the officer asked why the other residents from the other dorm room were doing this, the residents explained this behavior was borne out of a general dislike of each other.

The residents of both dorm rooms were advised on how to handle personal disagreements in a more fruitful manner. To account for any future feuds or disagreements between two dorm rooms, campus housing was also notified of the situation.

Get a room!

Just before 2 a.m. on the morning of Oct. 8, the patrolling WSUPD officer observed a parked car playing music very loudly in front of University Village.

The officer observed that the windows were steamed up and the vehicle was bobbing up and down in a rhythmic fashion. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer witnessed a male and a female having intercourse in the backseat of the vehicle.

The officer announced themself as law enforcement and advised that the two individuals put their clothes on and step out of the vehicle, both individuals complied.

Asking both of them questions separately, it was determined that the activities taking place were consensual, that both parties were of legal age, and neither of them were WSU students.

Because both parties remained amicable throughout the questioning process, the officer left them with a warning about public lewdness and an order to take their business elsewhere.

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