A chuckle for charity: A comedy festival raises money for Food Bank

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Local improv and comedy troupes performed at Weber State University’s Davis campus Saturday for the Comedy Charity Festival. The groups, including Antics and WSU’s Choking Hazard, raised money for the Utah Food Bank.

To raise money for the Food Bank, the Davis Campus Student Council held a Charity Comedy event on Saturday. They had performances from improv groups, stand-up comedians and held a silent auction.

Heather Williams, assistant director of traditional students on the student council thought of the idea.

“I do improv, and I have performed with many of the people who performed tonight,” Williams said. She has performed with the Antics, an improv group from Logan with three attending members, and WSU’s Choking Hazard, both local improv groups who appeared at the event.

The show started off with Connie Beaty, a stand-up and improv comedian. Beaty started with improv, but after meeting some stand-up performers, she decided to try that as well.

“From personal experiences,” she said about where she got her stand-up material. “Most of the stuff is from really bad dating experiences. Just witty, funny things I find about myself. I make fun of myself quite a bit.” Beaty also does improv for the Jesters Royale in Magna.

During her stand-up at the event, Beaty called herself a “transtarsual” which means that she is a fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars, and she often is treated differently because of it. She also talked about asking guys that she dates to go to a grocery store to get Naked, the name of a brand of juice that she likes.

Andrew Day and his date Rachelle Ely, both attendees of the event, were volunteered by Williams to participate in The Antics’ show. They were in the game “Themed Restaurant.” The restaurant was a Western theme where the members of the Antics addressed Day and Ely as customers, saying things like, “there’s a snake in my boot” and “we’ve got grits, true grits.”

“I liked it when we got to be the volunteers,” Day said.

The next group was an improv group in Ogden called Off the Wall, which also does musical improv. They make up all the lines and the songs for their musicals on the spot. Four of their members were at the event. They ended up doing four different improv games. The first was called Ten Scenes. They asked the audience for an object, which ended up being bicycles. The group then did ten different very short scenes about bicycles, including singing lines from the Queen song, “Bicycle Race” and a joke about bikes getting stolen in Ogden.

Steve Uribe, a standup comedian, was the next act. He started off talking about how difficult it is to be tall. He also joined the improv group after him, Out of the Blue Entertainment. One thing they did was have two members act out a serious scene about surgery while two other members heckled them.

The WSU improv group, Choking Hazard, closed the event. They played a game where two people would start a scene, and the other members would jump in and add to it. Toward the end of that scene, the non-participating members would start snapping, and they would start the next scene.

“It’s fun. It’s always something different. . .I like it. It’s lots of laughs,” said Williams about doing improv.