When a man loves his woman

(Graphic by Autumn Mariano)
(Graphic by Autumn Mariano)

There are 525,949 minutes in a standard year and on Saturday for 1,440 of those minutes men all around the world have to think about one thing. No, I’m not talking about the NBA All-Star weekend. I am talking about her.

Your main squeeze, your dream girl. Yes boys, I am talking about your valentine. And this Saturday is her day. And for most men, it’s your big performance. Valentine’s Day is a day of love and she wants to feel that love now more than ever.

So call me a hopeless romantic, but here are a few tips that will not only be helpful on Valentine’s Day, but every day. If you really love her, and you know it, let it show.

(Disclaimer: I am not a love doctor, nor an expert. Like many things in life, these are suggestions that can help. My sole purpose it to help you with love.)

The power of the flower

To the female mind, a simple bouquet of flowers is a very significant thing. To the male mind they are useless trinkets that will die. So why should you buy her flowers?

My adventures in the world of love have taught me that women love flowers. When a women gets flowers, you have effectively told her that she is beautiful and she can be reminded of her beauty for the next three to five days (depending on how well they are cared for). One bouquet of flowers will make her day and most likely the rest of her week.

One thing though, know your flowers. Red roses mean passion, yellow roses mean joy and friendship and red tulips mean devotion and love. If she has a favorite flower, then get it before all others. If you want to know more, the Farmer’s Almanac will set you straight.

Just letter know

Bad pun, I know. Get over it. But this dates back to the war days, and archaic as it seems, has huge merits in our technological world. Notes and letters of affection are a small keepsake that she will cherish forever. Even simple notes like an, “I love you,” or a, “I hope you have a wonderful day,” can be something she can hold and know of your love.

Once in my life, I dated a young woman who among all the texts and random trinkets we collected in our time together, I found the one thing she has kept dear was a letter I wrote her. You can text her every day, and it’s sweet to stay connected that way, but a note will pass from her eyes and straight to her heart.

Be nice

This is a lost art. In fact, this infuriates me the most of all the things I witness in modern day romantic relationships. Guys will be dating a woman and treating her like garbage, or just treating women in general like garbage. This needs to stop.

Men, be chivalrous and kind. Again, as a hopeless romantic, women (and I mean all women) are like princesses in my eyes. They should be treated as such. Hold the door open for her, walk with her, talk with her and most importantly just listen. When she feels special, she will want to stay with you for as long as possible.

Show affection

Women love cuddling and hugs. In fact, physical contact is one of the most common love languages. For a woman, the fact that you are willing to hold her and help her know that there is safety in your arms is a source of peace. So boys, get on out there and hold on to her.

In all relationships, there are levels of intimacy that you pass through. As you date and get to know a person, you will develop that intimacy and develop emotional and physical bonds. There is security in those bonds, and so building them will help to strengthen your relationship.

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