Five crazy headlines

(Graphic by Autumn Mariano)
(Graphic by Autumn Mariano)

From reports of comets smelling bad to a coin toss deciding a Peru election, here’s this week’s five crazy headlines!

  1. Alabama man gets $1,000 in police settlement, his lawyers get $459,000

Anthony Warren recently won a suit against Alabama police, which accused them of excessive force.

The suit won Warren’s attorneys $100,000 for expenses and $359,000 in fees, but Warren will only see $1,000 from the court.

Warren’s attorneys were unavailable for comment. They’re probably too busy counting their money.

Source: Reuters

  1. European scientists conclude that distant comet smells terrible

Finally there is an answer to the question astronomy has been researching for decades: What does a comet smell like?

Researchers at the University of Bern in Switzerland have been analyzing data from a distant comet mission and have the answer: It smells terrible.

While potential visitors would be fully suited up and shielded from the odor, the mixture of ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, formaldehyde and methanol would turn anyone’s nose.

Researchers said it’s likely to only get worse as the comet nears the sun.

Source: NPR

  1. 8-year-old scores touchdown, team fined $500

Georgia pee-wee football player Elijah Burrell caught his first touchdown last week, bumping up his team’s score by six and costing his coach a suspension and $500 fine.

Burrell’s team, the Lawrenceville Black Knights, were beating the other team 32-0, and local league regulations specify a “mercy rule” in which one team can’t beat another by more than 33 points.

The team’s coach, who tried to let the other team score after the controversial touchdown, is under suspension for a week.

Source: Toledo News Now

  1. Heads or tails? Coin toss decides Peru election

In the case of a tie, Peru electoral laws let fate decide.

A small town in the Peruvian Andes put this policy to action when two mayoral candidates, Wilber Medina and Jose Cornejo each won exactly 236 votes.

Medina won the toss and pledged to earn the voters’ trust. Cornejo accepted the results.

Source: ABC

  1. Armed police face down Klingons at superhero-themed party

Police took seriously reports of a man in camouflage carrying an assault rifle.

This time, though, they found something they didn’t expect: a superhero birthday party complete with guests dressed as “Star Trek” Klingons, “Star Wars” stormtroopers and Captain America.

The man in question was, thankfully, not armed or engaging in any criminal activity.

Source: Gazette Live