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Five Crazy Headlines: N.W.A, drugs and ashes

Police are clearing out the bar? I know just the song to play…

A Massachusetts DJ received a summons and was fined $50 for disorderly conduct after playing a song while police attempted to clear a severely overcrowded bar.

To be fair, he probably could have picked a better song to play than N.W.A’s “F*** tha Police.”

A police officer wrote a summons for Kashawn Harris—who goes by the stage name DJ Boogy—because the officer believed that with the combination of the, “excessive amount of people in the bar,” and alcohol, Harris was trying to incite a riot.

Harris claims that the song had already been playing before the police arrived and he only started playing the song again after the side of the bar he was on had been cleared.

Source: Independent

OK guys, I don’t think the cops can hear us here in the backseat of the car

Three New Hampshire residents are probably wishing they had exercised their right to remain silent while sitting in the back of a police cruiser.

The group had been pulled over by Massachusetts State Police for speeding. Upon searching the car, the police discovered several crack pipes, as well as bags of heroin and crack cocaine.

Police say that while they were transporting the group to jail, troopers overheard 24-year-old Carrie Tutsock whisper that she didn’t think the police had found, “all the stuff in the car.”

After hearing this, police conducted a second search of the car which found more than 200 additional bags of heroin. All three members of the group were charged with possession with the intent to distribute a Class A drug.


Ashes … drugs … same thing right?

A British man is demanding that the Canadian Border Services at St. John’s International Airport return his friend’s ashes after they seized them believing it to contain the drug ketamine.

Russell Laight was on his way to meet another friend in Nova Scotia and spread the ashes of their late friend when customs flagged the ashes and said they tested positive for ketamine.

Laight was kept in jail for five nights before further testing proved the ashes did not contain ketamine.

On Saturday, a spokesman said that the ashes were in the possession of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit and they will be returned to the Canadian Border Services by Monday or Tuesday, where they will then be returned to Laight.

Source: CBC

You gotta be careful that you don’t accidentally shoot someone … oops

Two police officers in Norway were having a discussion about the dangers of accidental weapon discharges.

The punchline? One officer then accidentally shot another.

The incident, just recently revealed in an investigative report, occurred when a male officer placed his hand on the holster of a female officer while discussing accidental shootings. The female officer moved to pull his hand away when the gun fired a shot that entered her leg just below the right knee and exited lower down her leg.

The male officer paid a 12,000 kroner (1,200 pound) fine because of the incident.

Source: Independent

Treehouses are as bad as genocide

What does a four-year-old’s treehouse have in common with war crimes and genocide?

Obviously they’re all breaches of the Human Rights Act.

A film director has been told she must scale down or completely remove a tree house she had installed for five million pounds for her four-year-old son after her neighbors invoked the Human Rights Act.

The neighbors claimed that the tree house would impact their right to quietly enjoy their personal property, and having the tree house remain in its current state would be a breach of their human rights.

The film director, Jasmine Dellal, has hired her own human rights lawyers who have claimed that invoking the Human Rights Act over a tree house is “wholly disproportionate.”

Source: Independent

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