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Five Craziest Headlines of the Year: A tooth, a treehouse and violent yoga

I will love you tooth the end

What better way is there to prove your undying love than to give your fiancee a piece of you?

That’s probably what Lucas Unger was thinking when he proposed to his girlfriend, Carlee Leifkes, but instead of giving her a diamond ring, he gave her a ring with his wisdom tooth mounted on it.

Unger had the wisdom tooth pulled six years before he proposed. Leifkes said that the couple were interested in different oddities, and she was happy to be wearing the engagement tooth because it was something he grew inside of him.

Source: KUTV

Dude, where’s my house?

After spending eight months in Florida recovering from knee surgery, 69-year-old Philip Williams returned to his almost $425,000 home on Long Island in New York. The only problem was that when he got there, his house had been demolished by the town.

The town of Hempstead destroyed Williams’ home as part of its efforts to get rid of seemingly abandoned homes. Town officials said that they attempted to contact Williams to inform him of the pending demolition, but Williams says that he never received any notification.

Williams said that the taxes on the house were up to date, and all of the bills were fully paid. Williams’ house originally belonged to his father, and along with the loss of all his possessions, the engagement ring belonging to his late wife was also lost.

Williams is currently suing the town over the incident.

Source: New York Daily News

School closed due to instrument of mass polka

An accordion in a band room at Walnut Middle School in Grand Island, Nebraska, prompted a school-wide evacuation last week.

A staff member at the school noticed a box sitting in the band room that he had never seen before and said it didn’t look like it held any kind of band instrument. The school safety officer was notified about the box, and it was decided that an evacuation of the school as a precaution was the best course of action.

State police came in and cleared the package, which was later determined to be an accordion inside of a case.

It is not yet known who is the owner of the accordion, whether it’s a student’s or a school-district-owned instrument.

Source: The Grand Island Independent

Treehouses are as bad as genocide

What does a four-year-old’s treehouse have in common with war crimes and genocide?

Obviously they’re all breaches of the Human Rights Act.

A film director has been told she must scale down or completely remove a tree house she had installed for five million pounds for her four-year-old son after her neighbors invoked the Human Rights Act.

The neighbors claimed that the tree house would impact their right to quietly enjoy their personal property, and having the tree house remain in its current state would be a breach of their human rights.

The film director, Jasmine Dellal, has hired her own human rights lawyers who have claimed that invoking the Human Rights Act over a tree house is “wholly disproportionate.”

Source: Independent

If you don’t let me do yoga, so help me I’ll kill someone

A United Airlines flight bound for Japan was forced to return to the airport at Hawaii after a passenger became violent after being told he could not do yoga.

Hyongtae Pae told the FBI that he didn’t want to sit in his seat during meal service, so he went to the back of the plane to meditate and do yoga. When his wife and flight attendants came and asked him to return to his seat, he became enraged and pushed his wife because he felt she was siding with the flight crew.

When a couple of U.S. marines on board the flight attempted to get him back into his seat, Pae began head butting and biting the marines while screaming he was going to kill passengers and that there was no god.

The 72-year-old retired farmer was released on $25,000 bond under condition that he not leave the island of Oahu and receive mental health evaluations.

Source: The Star


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