Film, television star Jeffrey Tambor to visit WSU

Jeffrey Tambor, is a film and television star, best known for his role in the show "Arrested Development". He will be coming to speak on Oct. 28. (Source: Marcus Jensen/ WSU Marketing & Communications)
Jeffrey Tambor is a film and television star, best known for his role in the show “Arrested Development.” He will be coming to speak on Oct. 28. (Source: Marcus Jensen/ WSU Marketing & Communications)

Many might know him from the TV show “Arrested Development.” Others know him from the comedy film “The Hangover.” Jeffrey Tambor, a film, TV and broadway actor is  scheduled to speak at noon on Oct. 28, in the WSU Shepherd Union Ballroom. He will be coming to give a few good laughs, while inspiring and motivating the students at WSU. The event is free and open to anyone.

“Our student leaders, who are part of the activities board, were interested in bringing someone to campus who can energize students and motivate them to be the best they can be every day,” Tara Peris-Caputo, assistant director of Student Involvement and Leadership of WSU, said.

Matt Read, student leader from Student Involvement and Leadership at WSU said that it will be good to hear from Tambor.

Read has helped plan this convocation featuring Jeffrey Tambor and explained that getting Tambor to come was not hard. According to Read, his agent said he is a really great speaker.

“They were interested in hearing a positive voice that would be able to make students laugh,” Peris-Caputo said. “In a time where life can be so busy, our students hope he will show everyone there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel.”

Unlike some actors, Tambor’s work has not gone unnoticed.

In a statement, Marcus Jensen said, “Tambor has received numerous honors for his professional work, including six Emmy nominations and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.”

Tambor was educated at San Francisco State University and Wayne State University. He has also taught courses at Wayne State University. He has taught other actors like himself, different corporations and even animators from studios like DreamWorks.

“Other universities and institutions have reached out to us since we scheduled his visit and told us that he changes people’s lives with his message of happiness, life and humor,” Peris-Caputo said. “If there is anything that has been constantly reiterated to me, it is how powerful his message of positivity and living a happy life really is.”

Read believes there are some really good reasons why students should listen to Tambor.

“I think it’ll be a great experience, because how often to you get to meet a movie star?” Read said.

He said students should go to simply get inspired and live life to the fullest. It’s not an everyday experience, Read explained, and by going to listen to Tambor, students will be supporting WSU and the Department of Student Leadership and Involvement.

“Tambor seeks to use humor and to make presentations interactive and relatable,” Jensen said. “Using experiences from his decades of performances, he shares his family struggles and lessons learned. He uses life lessons not available in textbooks and advises students to face their fears.”